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Quirky Interiors: A Colour Changing Vase?!

Our home isn't the most colourful place - I have a strangely large obsession with the colour grey and it's turning up everywhere. I love it so much that I think the colour is becoming a little dull looking in our house. Too much grey can become really very dreary, like a terrible dark dull winters day, but accompanied with pops of colour, it looks incredible. I love a dark grey against copper or burnt orange, and I love a lighter grey against a bit of yellow. I'll always love grey, but I'm beginning to realise I really need more colour in my life and more importantly, in my home.

I've been trying to collect a few items with bright pops of colour in them for the smallest bedroom which is currently used as an office. Whilst the cool grey look in here is nice, I really want to add some more fun to the room to make it more interesting whilst I'm in there doing some not-so-interesting work. And this vase certainly has the colour and the fun!

colour changing vase

Yes, it's a vase that changes colour! It may sound a bit odd - why would you need a vase that changes colour? But it's a statement interior feature on its own. It's fun, unique and adds a playful touch to home decor and of course, it's a light too! Depending on its location and colour option, it can be eye-catching and stand out, or it can just blend in and give off a very slight coloured hue into the room.

bright pink light up vase
doonne smart bluetooth vase

What's really great about this vase, is that there are so many different colour options; you can really play around with it to get the exact look you want, all via an app on your smart phone.

bluetooth vase

You simply turn on bluetooth and connect it up to your phone. You can create almost any colour you want, in any tone you want. There's even the option to use your camera to mimic a colour elsewhere in your home. As well as having a standstill set colour, there's also a 'rainbow' mode which gently fades through all the colours, a 'heartbeat' mode which slowly pulses in colour, as well as games for younger children to interact with the vase. There's even one for learning the names of colours!

The options for how you want the vase to look, is literally endless. Bright pink might not be everyones cup of tea, but dimming the colour to a more gentle hue creates a beautiful relaxing colour that's soft on the eye and blends into the room. I think a dimmer colour is perfect for the evening when you want less harsh light.

smart bluetooth LED vase

For me, it's all about the warm pink/red tones, although I am quite partial to a bit of sunshine yellow too. I'm currently undecided as to whether the vase should live in my office on a lighter, dimmer tone or in our new dining room (currently being renovated) on a brighter popping colour against a dark feature wall. I love how it can create a whole different mood and feel to a room, just dependant on where it's placed and what colour is selected. It's completely interchangeable between rooms and doesn't just suit one single set style - I mean, even the bright white is beautiful for a clean-lined look which I think would be perfect for the kitchen.

quirky interiors: a colour changing vase

As well as using the app, there's seven 'main' pre-set colours (and the white) which you can change at a touch of a button on the base of the vase for a quicker set up. Of course all these colours can be dimmed, made lighter or brighter via the app too, but this gives a good indication of the different variations of colour available.

pink light up vaseyellow light up vase
blue light up vasepurple light up vase
white light up vasered light up vase
green light up vaseblue light up vase

The vase itself is wireless and charged via a docking base so that when it's in use there's no nasty wires hanging about the place. It also means it can be placed anywhere in house, even on shelves, which I think would be the perfect spot if we keep it in the dining room. There's an inner-liner too, for using fresh flowers with water as I have done in these photos, although I think I may have to get some good quality faux flowers so I can consistently use it even when our house is out of fresh flowers (which is so very often is!).

Doonne Vase Lamp

I'm pretty much swooned by it! The words 'colour changing vase' definitely wouldn't have had me diving into my bag to find a credit card a couple of weeks ago. But having had this in my house for the last couple of weeks, I'm really loving it. I love being able to change the vase to suit my mood, or how I want the room to feel and I love the glow that the light gives off, particularly in the evening. I even think having a warm calm colour in the office has made me feel a little more productive (dare I say it!). In fact, it's made me realise how much we really need more mood lighting in the home and that colour, really is great! Our grey rooms are definitely going to be seeing a few more colour pops soon!

If you'd like to know a little more about the Doonne Smart Vase Lamp be sure to head over to for more nfo. I would love to know what you think - would you consider a feature lighting vase in your home? And what kind of colour would you be opting for? I'm very much torn between bright and bold, and something a little more faded. What do you prefer?

Doonne bluetooth vase lamp
colour changing vase

*This product was sent to me for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, opinions and reviews are my own :) 

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