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Learn How to DIY Renovate

Learn How to DIY Renovate
Learn How to DIY Renovate

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DIY Tutorials

7 Tips for Renovating Traditional Period Properties

DIY floorboard restoration

*This is a sponsored (paid) Post in Collaboration with Period Mouldings

Renovating a house can be a total minefield, with so many different things to consider. There are practical issues, like pipework and plumbing, and then there are design decisions and trying to figure out what's the best way to make use of your space. You'll find endless ideas and inspiration out there on the internet, covering all types of buildings and house layouts, but trying to narrow these down for your own house - well that's a whole different thing.

When it comes to period houses, people often have a design dilemma on hand. On one hand, you may want to significantly update a house in a modern way, but at the same time, you may want to keep the old original charm it offers and be sympathetic to the age of the building. It's a hard balance to achieve - and one, we struggle with ourselves.

Trying to combine old and new is something I think about in every room - attempting to keep that Victorian vibe, but with a modern twist. So I thought I would combine some of the things we do in our house, to also help you with your period property renovation if you're looking for the same old/new twist.

How to DIY Install a Sash Window | Colin's Sash Windows Review

DIY Sash Window Installation

*Disclaimer: I received a discount on this window in return for sharing a blog post on its installation.

I am sooooo excited to share this post because having a sash window was something we thought would just always be a dream. (Yes, I really am that excited by a window!) Our house is such a lovely period house with some stunning original features and sadly, also many which have been removed.

Last year, when renovating the living room, we discovered original Victorian shutters hidden away beneath the window within the panelling. (I haven't written about this yet - but you can find the unveiling of it over on my Instagram highlights!) It's such a beautiful original feature and ever since I've felt it needed a sash window to go with it! Particularly as the current window has some, let's say, rather large security flaws.

Yale Smart Home Alarm Review

Yale Smart Alarm Review Blog

*This is a Sponsored Post with products that I've been sent to review.

We've gone security mad here at Kezzabeth HQ! First, we bought a security camera, then we replaced a window which had major security faults (details coming soon!) and now I'm umming and ahh-ing about adding more security features too - like a video doorbell, which is seriously on the cards! So when Yale got in touch asking if I'd like to review one of their security products - I knew the exact thing in which we've been missing - a home alarm system!

I'll be honest with you - I always used to think home alarms were pointless. I remember being a kid and house alarms always going off on our estate (usually set off by a fly or something silly) and nobody gave the house a second glance. So I always said that as an adult, I wouldn't buy one unless it did more than just send out an annoying siren that nobody even looks at.

Thankfully, those days have come and you can now buy SMART home alarm systems. The difference? It can be controlled by your phone and it also alerts you directly if the alarm has been set off. It doesn't matter if nobody else is giving a second glance to your house, you yourself will know when the alarm has been triggered, regardless of wherever you are in the world. And to go with that - a smart alarm will tell you exactly where the trigger was activated.

Ring Battery Security Cam Review

Ring Battery Cam on House

Security cameras. I always thought they were a bit silly. I mean, I know dated old fashioned house alarms are kinda irrelevant nowadays anyway (does anyone even bat an eyelid at sirens blearing down the street?) but as for CCTV, I just felt like it was basically telling the world you have stuff worth stealing.

BUT, that was then and this is now. So many houses have security cameras, it's become normal. A house that has a security camera is no longer standing out from the crowd. It's fitting in. And those left unprotected by CCTV are the houses that are more likely to stand out. Security cameras have also become cheaper in recent years, so I think those things combined, is probably why so many people are buying them nowadays.

Another House, Another Reno - A Few Updates...

kitchen dining room knockthrough

No, I haven't won the lottery and bagged myself a holiday home by the sea (although I wish I had!), I'm of course referring to Grants parents house, where we've been working and DIYing recently.

If you haven't been keeping up with progress over on Instagram, do come and join me! I'm much quicker at Instagramin' than I am blogging, so you'll see live-updates on there. I'm a little behind with blogging, so I thought it was about time I updated you all with the progress...

DIY - Turning a Cupboard into a Laundry Room

DIY Laundry Cupboard

Earlier in 2018, you may remember how we transformed an old cupboard at Grants parents house into a pantry. Well, we're back at it - this time turning a cupboard into a laundry room! OK so, the term 'room' might be a step too far, considering it's teeny tiny. But, we're essentially giving purpose to the space and making better use of it. Plus of course, hiding those unsightly appliances and reducing the noise you hear from them. It's an all-round win-win!

How to Build a Farmhouse Table with a Pallet Wood Herringbone Top!

How to Build a Farmhouse Style Table with Pallets DIY Guide

*This is a Sponsored Post in Collaboration with Ronseal.

Back in the winter of 2017, I mentioned how I really wanted to build my own dining table in the next 12 months. Why? Not just because I like taking on more work, but because I had a vision of a table in my mind that I just couldn't find secondhand.

Our old table (as wonderful as it was), wasn't quite right for the space and the chairs I had also bought to go with it, didn't fit properly underneath. This was basically because it had a central leg, meaning the chairs all bumped into one another when pushed underneath. So despite being quite a large table, the chairs had to be spaced far apart, which meant you could only fit 4-5 at most. All in, it's been OK, but I knew I could make something better!

So, at long last, just within my 12-month plan - I'm doing it! I'm building a table. This might sound like a complicated task - but it's much easier than you may think. So of course, I'm sharing how I built mine, to help you build yours too!