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VonHaus Rose Gold Cordless Screwdriver Review

Rose Gold Cordless Screwdriver

Being a DIYer means I have a fairly large amount of tools, but - I don't any tools quite as stylish as this one! VonHaus have recently just launched a whole collection of new rose gold tools, targetted at your average DIYer and Upcycler who want their tools to look as good as their projects. 'Cause let's face it - why shouldn't tools look good?

*I was sent this product to review for the blog.

So, I've been sent their new cordless electric screwdriver set to put to the test - and whilst I LOVE the rose gold colourway, I was really intrigued to see how well it would perform as an actual tool. Because obviously, a tool needs to actually work and not just look good.

So, first things first - let's talk about the colour. I already said I love it, and I really do. I am quite partial to a rosy-pink, which I'm sure if you've followed me for a while (particularly on Instagram), you might know. Although I have to say, I wouldn't quite describe the body as rose-gold so much, but more of a very light nude-pink. The colour is subtle, in a good way and it looks sophisticated. I think one of the worries with having a pinky coloured tool is that it could appear a little child-like and almost fake. But, I'm pleased to say this doesn't.

VonHaus Cordless Screwdriver Review

So it comes in this clear case, which I really like - I feel as though it's been designed to show off the tool, even when it's not in use. All the other tool cases I own are stored in basic black fabric bags, which I then have to open each time I'm looking for a tool - cos they all look the bloomin' same! This is stand out, different and almost makes a tool-shelf trendy. I mean, I may need a few additional pretty tools to go with it, but I love that's it's eye-catching and it looks gooood.

Stylish Screwdriver for DIYers
Cordless Screwdriver with 50 Bits Review
Cordless Screwdriver Storage

So the case isn't just to stylize your shelf with, it's super practical for storing all the different screw-bits it comes with as well, and there's a whopping 50 of them! I'm pretty sure I now have every single one I could ever possibly need. But I also like the fact they each have a 'slot' to fit into and keep them organised, unlike other storage items I have where they'd be rattling around in a loose tin. (Yes, this drives me NUTZ).

Pink DIY Tools Review
Cordless Screwdriver with Torque Settings

So, let's talk features, 'cos looks ain't everything. Luckily though, this cordless screwdriver definitely doesn't disappoint. It has 15 different torque settings and a drill mode. If you're not familiar with torques, the lower numbers are generally for smaller screws. The higher torque is when you need more 'oomph' to drive in, which is generally for tougher wood and bigger screws. I've used this tool on some long screws already and I'm not going to lie, I had my doubts about how good it was going to drive a screw in - but guess what, no problems!

Pink DIY tool in use
Rose Gold Screwdriver in Use

Having the torque settings is absolutely fab because some of the cheaper cordless screwdrivers don't have this - which can surely only lead to stripping a ton of screw-heads. Whilst it does also have the drill setting, I do want to mention that isn't a substitute for a drill. You certainly won't get far drilling into brickwork with this, but it will do you fine for plasterboard and softer wood.

Changing bits on this screwdriver is super simple as well as it features a quick-release chuck. You simply pull down on the chuck to release and insert new bits. There's no separate tool to wind them in and out like you might find on some older or basic drills.

Quick Release Chuck on Cordless Screwdriver

My favourite feature though, without a doubt is that this tool can change positions. And by that I mean, it can turn from this, into this...

VonHaus Screwdriver Review
Two Way Cordless Screwdriver

Nifty huh? Actually, I can't tell you how bloomin' useful this is. It means you can get into certain spaces better, you can use your weight on it better when required and you can even use it as a manual screwdriver when the battery dies (yep, done that). It's a really clever little feature, that I think, is a stroke of genius. Did I mention how much I like that?

Cordless Screwdriver with Torch
Torch on end of screwdriver

The other clever little feature is a torch! Yep, on the bottom of the tool is a torch with on/off button. Again, I really like this feature - I've often found myself in dark spots trying to screw something, so I actually think this also going to be quite useful. And of course, you also just use it as a standard torch when you need one too.

Cordless Screwdriver Charging

So, my verdict overall is that it's a pretty good tool. Pretty and good - see what I did there? This might not be the tool for heavy use tradespeople, but for moderate to basic DIY usage, I think it's great. You could easily use this for flatpack, changing knobs on furniture, or just simple DIY building and crafting. It would make a great gift for any new homeowner or DIY hobbyist too.

VonHaus Rose Gold Screwdriver

The way I've been using this tool personally is in conjunction with our drill. In the past, I would constantly be changing between drill bits and a screw heads on the drill, which is not only a massive faff but a massive time-waster. Having this cordless screwdriver as a side-kick has been a game-changer. I can now just switch between tools, and I don't have to worry about misplacing the bits. I'm expecting to get a lot of use out from this little tool - and I'm sure you'll see it more over on the blog too.

If you want to buy this screwdriver or check out the other rose-gold tools from VonHaus, you can find them all on And you can find this particular rose gold screwdriver here, which retails at £19.99. I think it's pretty reasonable value considering all the features and extra bits you get with it - and of course, it's a lovely shade of stylish pink.

So, what are your thoughts? Are you swooned by a rose gold tool, too?

*The cordless screwdriver that features in this post was sent to me to review. As always, I only recommend products I genuinely like and would buy myself. All views and content are my own.

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VonHaus Rose Gold Cordless Screwdriver Review

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  1. £19.99 is really great value for the features available.


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