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7 Creatively Awesome Staircases Ideas!

industrial outdoor spiral staircase

If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have seen I've been pinning a ton of attic conversion ideas over the last month. We might still be a long way from beginning any work up in our attic - but a girl can dream right?! Anyway, in my mad month of pinning, I came across some simply awesome staircase ideas. Ideas that make you want to rip out your existing staircase and fit a whole new one.

In case you want to buy contemporary staircases, I'm sharing some of these awesome designs with you. From elaborate luxury designs to simple DIYs, whether you're looking to buy a new staircase or make simple alterations to a current one - I've got a whole heap of staircases to wow you with. So, if you've got a thing for staircases (you will have by the end of this post!) then, check these awesome designs...

1. The Floating Staircase

I absolutely love this idea! These kinds of staircases take up a lot less room than staircases which are 'boxed in', leaving a room to feel more spacious, lighter and brighter and not to mention, make an absolutely stunning feature. Particularly so when paired with lights, such as in the image above. For this design to work, you would need to ensure the wall the stair treads are hung up on is strong enough to take the weight. Otherwise, the design and installation are relatively straightforward and can really bring the 'wow' factor to a room.

2. The Spiral Staircase

Spiral staircases, or otherwise known as circular staircases are great where space is limited. Their design means they don't need to take up a large amount of floor space beneath and they can fit into simple vertical spaces, without the need for a large area to incline. For small houses, this type of staircase is particularly a good option. Spiral staircases can suit both industrial, modern and classic spaces due to their wide range of styles. I think they're quirky, add a bit of fun and can make a really interesting feature within a room.

3. The Glass Staircase

If you want to simply refurbish an old staircase, adding glass sides is a brilliant way to make an upgrade. It will add tons more light to a room, particularly if your hall or landing has no natural light. It will also open the space up, give a real contemporary modern feel to the room and will add a touch of luxury as well. The only downside to having a glass staircase is that you might find yourself wiping fingerprints off the glass a little more often than you'd like.

4. The Staircase with a Slide

If you want to add a bit of fun to your house, how about incorporating a slide into the stairs? This would be a child's actual dream come true, but let's face it - even adults could have a bit of fun with it as well! A staircase with slide doesn't have to be expensive, in fact, there are loads of great DIY tutorials out there showing you how to adapt an existing staircase to suit this design. I've got to say, I would certainly give it a go!

5. The Bookcase Staircase

This is probably my favourite design. How to incorporate storage within a staircase, in a really simple and effective way. This idea might not be for everyone, but if you like the eclectic design and of course a good book, this would certainly make a unique feature!

6. The Staircase with Pull-Out Storage

Another great solution for maximising storage space. Pull out drawers! Perfect for storing away shoes and winter knitwear whilst having all those things right on-hand when needed. Because who doesn't sit on the stairs whilst putting on their shoes? This design might take some clever planning and would need to be well thought out, but I think this is an ingenious idea that all staircases should have.

7. The Ombre & Patterned Staircase

On a budget? No problem. Painting a staircase is a really simple and easy way to add style and give it a whole new lease of life. I absolutely love these ombre and patterned staircases. You can be as bold and as daring as you want, with vibrant colours and punch patterns. Or you can opt for something more simple and understatement, like colourful spindles. I think this is definitely something I would consider for our own house! How about you?

So that's it! 7 staircase ideas to add a bit more style and impressiveness to your home. Which one's your fave?

*Collaborative Post

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