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Garden Renovation: Pallet Fencing and Raised Beds!

DIY modern urban garden renovation

Just a little update post today as over the last few weeks I've been revamping the garden and bringing it back to life, so thought I'd share what I've been up to and where you can find blog posts on all the DIYs!

The garden is my favourite place to DIY because I honestly believe you can't go wrong with it. Paint your best friend and can't go wrong using rustic reclaimed wood. It's where I've practised many aspects of DIY, from bricklaying to building. Basically, anything goes! If you want to start your journey into DIY, I highly recommend the garden as a starting point.

So anyway - five years ago I built this raised bed out of decking boards, stained it with a lovely dark wood finish, but it's never been re-treated since and let's just say, it was looking a little worn and tired in places. At the back of the garden, where I'd rendered an old raised bed to make it feel more modern, that too was looking a little tired on the paint-front.

DIY raised bed made from decking
Rendered garden bed

So, I figured it was about time I gave these things a little repaint and this time, in one single colour to tie them all together and make it look like the garden actually has a coherent theme. As I needed to paint both masonry and wood, I chose Ronseal's garden paint for the job as it can basically be used on any garden surface. Genius!

ronseal garden paint in charcoal

The colour I went for was 'Charcoal Grey' and I think it goes really well in the garden. The paint does need a few coats - two minimum, although I did add three in a few places, but I think the finish is fab!

ronseal charcoal garden paint

Aside from a fresh new paint job, you may remember last year we installed pallet fencing along the righthand side of the garden, well now we finally have it at the back of the garden as well - hurrah! What a difference this makes!

DIY pallet fencing
rustic pallet fencing in garden

For a tutorial on this DIY pallet fencing, please check out this post!

I also added a DIY pergola over the gate, which I have a whole tutorial for as well if you're interested in seeing how that's made. I painted the fencing and pergola in Johnstone's Gaden Paint in the colour 'Calming Stone'. It's a lovely off-white colour which I think looks great against the darker beds beneath!

painting a slat fence in johnstone calming stone

And that's is! I still have a few more things to do out here this year (if there's time!!) including stripping back the decking and removing some of the concrete paths to allow for a larger lawn area. It's shocking how quickly summer is flying by though, the nights are already drawing in and I'm not sure I've had enough sun yet!

before and after garden renovation
before and after slat fencing
slat fencing with pallet seating
slat fencing with pergola over gate
modern country garden ideas

For a tutorial on the pergola over the gate, please check out this post.

Hope you like it! Let me know if you try any of these DIYs, tag me on Instagram or drop me a message! Enjoy :)

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