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Learn How to DIY Renovate
Learn How to DIY Renovate

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DIY How to Build a Pergola Over a Gate

DIY Pergola Over Gate

Pergola, pagoda? Does it confuse anyone else? I feel like I've travelled enough so it *shouldn't* confuse me, but you know what, it does.

Today's DIY is a pretty simple one actually. Something that I thought would be more complicated but turned out to be one of my simplest DIYs. I've taken all the shortcuts on this one and you know what? It looks great. I also use leftover wood for the entire project, which means it has cost absolutely nothing at all! Can you get better than that?

So of course, I'm sharing the DIY with you - so you can make your own gate pergola too!

How to Build a Pergola Over a Gate

You Will Need:

Step 1 - Install Fence Posts Either Side of the Gate

To begin with, you will need to install two fence posts on either side of the gate. These should be higher than your gate and tall enough so they're higher than yourself too.

Luckily, we already had two posts installed so could skip this step. If you need to install fence posts against a brick wall or on top of a concrete floor, then please check out this post for a more in-depth guide. Alternatively, you can install into the ground using postcrete as well.

How to renovate a garden gate

Step 2 - Cut Your Gravel Boards to Size and Attach to the Fence Posts

Once your fence posts are firmly securely in place, the next step is to cut two gravel boards to size. Measure the distance from the top of one fence post to the next, and then add on 30cm (there will be a 15cm overhang on each side).

Cut your wood to this measurement using a handsaw (or mitre saw if you're lazy) and for an extra added detail, you can also cut off one corner on each side. Mark using the 45-degree angle on a set-square and cut by hand or with a mitre saw.

DIY ideas for gravel boards
One both pieces have been cut, hold the gravel board on the top of fence posts ensuring there's an even 15cm overhang on each end whilst making sure that your wood is spirit level straight. Screw through the front of the gravel board into the fence post to attach it in position.

DIY gate pergola

Step 3 - Cut the Top Battens and Attach

Next, cut your 25x38mm timber battens to lengths of 50cm with a 45-degree angle on each end. I'm using 10 individual pieces for mine, although you can add less or more if you wish.

Evenly space your battens apart over the two gravel boards and screw through the top of the battens into the gravel boards below.

easy DIY pergola
DIY trellis over garden gate

Step 4 - Paint and Admire!

Now your gate pergola is pretty much complete - you can go ahead and paint it! I've used Johnstone's Garden Paint for mine, as I think it's the best garden paint I've tried so far. It's nice and thick so one coat really does an amazing job of covering! The colour is 'Calming Stone' and you can find these tins in Homebase for around £13 for 2.5L

DIY pergola painted in Johnstone Calming Stone

Two coats of paint later and voila - here's a finished look:

DIY gate pergola
How to build a pergola over a gate
gate pergola in garden
DIY over gate trellis
DIY trellis over garden gate
Pergola painted in Calming Stone Johnstone paint
Todd the Dog

So that's it - it's a seriously simple DIY that took very little effort, time or money. If I hadn't used leftover wood (and already had fence posts ready to go), this whole project would still have cost under £50. Which I think is a total bargain for the feature it's made!

I'm hoping to train the roses bushes to grow across it, so come back in about a year to see I've been successful, ha!

Anyway, I hope you like it - do let me know if you make something similar. Send me a pic or drop me a message!

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How to build a pergola over a gate

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