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Home Renovating | 3 Years Update!

Home Renovating : 3 Years Update

Well I've had a mammoth break from blogging, a lot has happened and at the same time, not so much has happened. The kitchen is *almost* finished, we took two weeks off and went travelling around Sri Lanka and we've now hit our three year mark in this house. Which means, three years of renovating! (Obviously not including the two previous years in our last house - does it ever end?) So of course I had to do a house update - what everything looks like, where we're at and what we've got left to do. Spoiler: LOTS.

So here's a little photo diary to mark our third year in this beautiful Victorian Terrace. I'm not going to include the kitchen or dining room in their current more finished state as I'm saving them for a bit of a reveal, but if you want to have a little venture into those rooms as they are right now, you can see a few snaps on my Instagram, right here.

And if you want to see our first and second year renovation updates, you can check those out here and here.

Living Room

Someone took the "living" out of this room, because we haven't sat down and used it since Christmas! That's no joke and yep, that means we don't even watch TV. Like, ever. It's basically become a room of storage, complete with tools, pallets, random things we intend on up-cycling and some of our belongings STILL in their moving boxes. Seriously, what is our life?

Living Room under Renovation
Living in a Renovation


This room is ever changing at the moment with things constantly coming and going. At one point you could barely even get through! At the moment though, it's not so bad although a random treadmill and dog crate is still the main feature here ;) And as you can see, we're still rocking that gloriously floral carpet in the back there.

Dated Victorian Hallway


We still have no electric down here, but we do have a sizeable amount of rubble waiting to be cleared up from some work we've done down here - I'm yet to blog about that, but I'll explain all very soon... Otherwise, it's still a dank messy unused sad space.

Victorian Basement
Original Tiles in Victorian Basement


The conservatory has recently under-gone a total clear out as it's the next room we're starting to work on. You may already be able to see what kind of plans I have in store for it ;) Hoping to get this room semi-completed this summer, so it can actually be used. There will be updates coming very soon!

Conservatory Renovation
Conservatory Beams

Kitchen & Dining Room

So, confession! As I said at the beginning - I'm not going to show you how this room looks right now, because I'm waaay behind on blogging about it. BUT, I'll share a little sneak peak from a couple of months ago that hopefully doesn't give too much away ;) We do however, at this 3 year mark FINALLY have a kitchen. So despite the rest of the house looking like pants, this is the one room we've made mega progress within!

Kitchen Renovation Exposed Steel
Dining Room Renovation


Another storage holding room. What's new?

Messy Landing


This room hasn't really changed in the last couple of years since we thoroughly renovated it. We still have the odd bits left to finish and it's in desperate need of a bit of style, but with a small budget and lots to do elsewhere in the house, it wont be getting any major decor updates any time soon. Still, it looks pretty okay!

Victorian Bathroom Goals

Smallest Bedroom AKA Office

I've had a bit of a move around in here since I last blogged about it - the desk and piggy bag have been switched around and we also got ourselves a fancy looking electric radiator which I'll blog about soon, but quick spoiler: no, I don't recommend it :/ It's still an unfinished room with skirting boards missing and the cupboard that needs updating, but it's nice to have a little piece of calm amongst the chaos and I still LOVE our fireplace that I restored last year.

Home Office with Victorian Floors
Restored Victorian Fireplace in Small Bedroom


We've done nothing to this room since moving in - we still have the same carpets, curtains and blinds. It's been another storage room for all the kitchen bits and bobs whilst under renovation, but I'm pleased to say that's all gone now and for once, it's a little less chaotic for. Although yes, still a bike in there ;) Sorry I couldn't be bothered to make the bed for the photo - but really, have you seen the rest of our house? Who needs a made bed in this mess!

Dated Bedroom
Bedroom Renovation

Attic Room

This is seriously chaos central. I've been selling odd bits and bobs from up here to fund some of our renovations and whoppingly, we've made almost £300. From taps to camping cookers - I've flogged lots of stuff for £5 and that really adds up quite quickly. It's looking much clearer up here, but I have a lot to sieve through still and there's plenty of leftover building materials to organise as well.

Renovating Whilst Living There
Living in a Renovation House


The garden is in full bloom at the moment and I'm super pleased with how the plants are looking this year. It's one of my favourite spots of the house, particularly the pallet seating area and the DIY fire-pit I made at the end of summer last year. We still have plenty to do out here and we may have already started a bit of work too ;)

Pallet Seating with Fire Pit in Garden
Victorian House Garden

So that's the three year round up! Still very much a renovation site as you can see, but now we've almost covered the two biggest and most expensive rooms (kitchen and bathroom) hopefully things will move a little quicker in the next year. Although as for the rest of this one - I'll be looking forward to a nice long winter break :P

Anyone else in a many-year-long DIY home renovation? Are you as slow as we are?

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  1. Kezzabeth, lots to do! But don't worry, I'm the same. Home renovation isn't an overnight success! That's what I tell myself, and I work in construction, too. However, I will say that I love your choice of flooring!

    The tiles in the kitchen (something a little different, too) and the exposed floorboards throughout, especially in the office, are beautiful. Keep up the fantastic work! I can't wait to see the big reveal.


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