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A Chalkboard Calendar Wall Sticker | WallBoss Review wall sticker review

If you've been following our Conservatory Renovation, you'll have seen this room transform from an indoor shed (not literally) to a relaxing, warmer (non-leaky!) space. I've built some DIY seating, I've painted the floor in a jazzy geometric pattern but it's still looking a little empty shall we say. I have lots of plans for this room (and never enough time) which will essentially turn it into a full indoor garden room. I'm talking plants galore, vintage garden plant pots, gardening tools and basically it will become an indoor forest of awesomeness. So when got in touch to ask if I wanted to review one of their wall stickers, I knew exactly the one I wanted and I needed it in this room. review is a website that sells a whole bunch of different wall stickers, basically for every kind of room in the house. Wall stickers are a great way to add some fun to a wall in an affordable and easy-to-do way. If you can't already tell from the top photo and title of this post - the one I've gone for is a chalkboard calendar wall sticker. I thought the jazzy quirky conservatory was the perfect place to have a 'family' calendar (admittedly it's just me and Grant, but y'know!) as well as a great way to plan gardening too - which is something I want to get more in to, and of course this fits right into my garden-themed room. It's a win-win.

I've never used a wall sticker before so I pretty excited to see how it would work and how easy it would be to use. The sticker came rolled up in a tube and with some super simple installation instructions which seemed pretty much DIY fool-proof.

How to use a wall sticker

I planned where I wanted the sticker to go using some Tesa Tape (a kind of masking tape) so I could prop it up into position and see how it would look before I went ahead and actually stuck it down. Our conservatory is still very much a working progress (the doors to the left will be replaced) so please ignore all those unfinished bits!

How to fit a wall sticker DIY

I then used a spirit level to make sure the calendar was straight (is there anything worse than wonky bodge job?!) and then use the same tape to put a length straight down the middle vertically, as the instructions asked.

Review of wall sticker
Fitting a Chalkboard calendar to the wall

There are 3 layers to the wall sticker - the front see-through paper, the actual sticker and the backing. I peeled back the backing along one side of the tape, cut it off using some scissors and then smoothed the sticker onto the wall using my hands.

How do wall stickers work?
Fitting Wall sticker to the wall
Review of fitting wall stickers
DIY wall sticker fitting

Yep, it's really that simple. I then went and did the same thing to the other half of the sticker, finishing off with using a flat edge (a bit of card will do) to make sure it was all pressed down properly to the wall with no bubbles.

Using a wall sticker in the conservatory
Smoothing a wall sticker onto the wall

And the final step? Just remove the front sheet of paper slowly and carefully.

reveal of chalkboard wall sticker
Wallboss sticker review

And literally, that's it. It probably took me less than five minutes to do and required no prep work and virtually no tools. Well I did say it was DIY foolproof, didn't I?! The only bit you have to be careful of - is removing the front paper slowly, otherwise, you can lift off the sticker. However I will say, it seems the sticker can be removed without removing the paint - which is something I was slightly worried about if I were to ever change my mind on it. But nope - it doesn't appear to ruin the actual wall beneath.

Chalkboard Calendar wall sticker

You can use either real chalk or chalkboard pens on the sticker - which I really like, cause I'm not a huge fan of actual chalky chalk. Kinda gets everywhere and leaves you with feeling like you need to wash your hands after every use. Chalk pens are so much easier to clean off too and of course, I like the fact you can buy endless colours as well. I use Chalkola pens on mine and can definitely recommend them.

Using chalk pens on chalkboard sticker
Wallboss calendar wall sticker

I think the sticker is fab - the only thing to bear in mind is that you do need to commit to it and its location once it's stuck down. There are quite a few different 'parts' to this particular wall sticker that would make it pretty difficult to relocate later. However, I personally don't want to be doing that and I'm really pleased with it here. Just something worth thinking about before you go sticking it anywhere.

Quirky Garden Room with Wall Sticker
Monthly Calendar Wall Sticker

So here's a quick little before and after of this spot in the conservatory. You can see how it's totally changed an empty wall into something fun, usable and practical too. It looks modern and I think, fits really well. I think it'd also be great for an office or even a kids room to get them involved with planning things to do too.

Before and After Wall StickerBefore and After Wall Sticker

This particular wall sticker currently retails at £29.99 which you can find here. But have a whole range of different wall stickers - from birds and trees for nurseries to Banksy graffiti style ones to worded slogans and even custom design ones. There's basically something for every room, so if you're interested in a fuss-free way to add some character (or practicality!) to a wall, then do go check them out!

Have you used wall stickers before? What did you think to them?

*I received the wall sticker in this post to feature in a review. All views and content are my own. This post may also feature Affiliate Links. Thank you for supporting this blog!

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Chalkboard Calendar Wall Sticker Review

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