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A New Window Treatment review

Back in the winter of last year we began renovating our smallest bedroom, turning it into a home office. Although we finished all the major work and moved everything in, many of the finishing touches laid completely unfinished. We're still yet to fit the Victorian fireplace I recently restored, the door needs rehanging, the built-in cupboards need updating and the window too, needed a new lease of life and was still rocking the 1950s style sun-bleached blind. 

window treatment in the home office

I had been on the look out for some white wood venetian blinds for a while, but with projects amounting elsewhere in the house, it was never on the priority list. Many many months later, that has now changed and our window has a lovely new wooden venetian blind!

premium wood venetian blinds from order blinds

And just how beautiful is it? It's surprising just how much a blind can completely change the feel of a room. Having now fitted this beauty, the room just feels so much more homely and cosier. The way it softens light it absolutely perfect for this space and I literally feel so much more relaxed being in here.

The blind itself is a made-to-measure design from and is part of their Premium Wood collection. I've never purchased made to measure blinds before and I can honestly say, I've never had a blind that looks and fits so good either. It fits the window perfectly and just feels like it's meant to be there.

made to measure white wood venetian blinds

What I like most about the premium wood venetian blind is that the pull chord has an 'Easy-Lift' feature that pulls both the left and right sides of the blind up together so the blind always stays level. We had a very cheap venetian blind in our old house and it was forever wonky as you had to manually lift each side individually - it drove me absolutely bonkers, so much that I kept the blind fixed in one position and never opened or closed it. You definitely don't have that problem with this blind! 

DIY fitting made to measure blinds

You also have the option to chose which side of the blind you'd like the pull and tilt chords to be. This was really handy for us, as it only made sense to have both chords on the righthand side of the blind as this is the only side that will be within easy reach when we eventually have a bed in here. The colour I picked for our blind is Chalk White with White tapes. It's slightly softer shade of white which I think compliments the soft grey walls perfectly.

chalk white venetian blinds

I love venetian blinds, I think they're perfect for an office kind of space. They have a slight shutter feel to them, so are a great and cheaper alternative if you can't quite make the shutter commitment. It's something we had been thinking about for the bathroom as well and I definitely wouldn't be disappointed having another one of these in there too!

Fitting-wise, this was the easiest blind I've ever put up, and that't not an exaggeration. Because it's made to measure, you don't need to take measurements to fit, we literally just butted the brackets up against the top and side of the window and screwed them in. blind fitting

The blind then slots into these brackets and that's it, you're done. It really was that easy!

The only negative I have on the blind is that there is only one option for the size of tapes. I think I would have gone for something a little wider if I had the choice, however having said that and now received the blind, I'm quite glad the tapes are smaller than what I would have ordered. I think they're the right size for this window and anything thicker would have looked a little too clunky!

chalk white venetian blind with white tapes

I obviously absolutely love our new blind! It's really made this room feel a whole lots more complete and I can't believe I hadn't treated the window to a new set of blinds sooner. I'm also a complete convert to made-to-measure, I don't think I'll ever be going back!

review of

What do you think? Do you love venetian blinds as much as I do?

*I was gifted this product for the purpose of this review, all opinions and views are my own.


  1. There is somethig so fresh about a white wooden blind, looks lovely.

  2. This is looking lovely!!! I have recently installed floral roller blinds in my room that have changes the entire look of my room, I totally liked it.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


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