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Surprise Bathroom Revamp: The Plan

Grant's parents bathroom has in been in need of a serious revamp for some time now. When they let us live with them for a month last year we swore we would tackle their bathroom problems in return. But at that same time, money was the issue holding us back.

Non-the-less, a year later - we're doing it! It's actually going to be a bit of a surprise for Grant's mom who has no idea we're doing this - they're going away for five days and in these five days we're going to totally and completely renovate and revamp their bathroom.

Surprise Bathroom Renovation

Surprise Bathroom Revamp

So, here's the plan:

Swap the bath for a shower enclosure

It really is quite a small room, so by doing this we would create much more space and I know it's something they're quite keen on doing too!

Add some hidden built-in-storage

As you may be able to see, they have quite a lot of stuff. From towels to kids toys to toiletries, I'm hoping to find a way to store it all in a way where it won't all be on show!

Fit an extractor fan

They have no extractor fan in this room currently and this is causing heaps of problems. Not only a bit of mould now and then, but the paint is also flaking and that wood cladding is beyond repair. Not that anyone would want to repair it anyway! So an extractor fan in here is a must!

Remove rotten wood cladding

I don't know what era decided this was cool - but it should never have been allowed! This stuff has to go. Wood in the shower area is the most unpractical thing I ever heard of! Can't wait to rip this stuff out.

Fit a new working, un-noisy shower

They currently have an electric shower with a pump hidden underneath the bath. I can't work this one out - The bathroom is on the bottom floor and their water pressure is just fine. So, I'm not quite sure what the pump is all about! We're sticking with an electric shower, but ditching the pump (if we can) and add something a little nicer and more modern looking.

Move the basin

Hopefully(!) this is possible within our time-frame, but I'd like to move the basin next to the shower enclosure. This way, when you walk into the room the floor space will be much larger and it'll make better use of the space in general.

Paint, decorate and make this room awesome!

A few other areas that need addressing are the floorboards - I believe some are missing under the bath. The ceiling which is artex will also be over-boarded and we'd also like to swap the radiator for a heated towel rail. I know they're keen for one of these too!


White walls, grey wall tiles, black floor tiles. Although colours are dependant on budget!

So we have around two weeks left to source and buy all our supplies. I'm excited and also slightly nervous. Let's face it, we've spent months on our own bathroom and it's still unfinished. This is their only bathroom and it needs to be done in just these short few days. Pressure, much?!

I'm sure we can do it. Hopefully.

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