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Renovation Goals for 2018

2018 gold party balloons for New Year

I can't quite believe it's 2018. I feel like I say this every year - but how does a whole year go by so fast?! With a new year, comes new goals - and every year I like to lay out a proper plan to what I'd like to achieve. It doesn't always go to plan, but y'know, my intentions are good. And you never know - maybe one year I'll accomplish a whole list!

So there's not much else to say other than, here's what I have planned for the next 12 months....

Total Renovation of the Living Room

This has been SUCH a long time coming project!! We've lived in this house over 3 years now, would you believe?! And our living room hasn't changed one bit - well, except half the carpet is missing. But other than that, it's exactly the same - curtains and all. We currently don't really use this room as it's so freaking cold; the window is draughty (you can literally see the curtains blowing with the wind) and of course we have no heating either. Not to mention it's just ugly and un-relaxing to be in. So the plan is to completely renovate this room - rip off the wallpaper, sort the ceiling, expose and renovate the gorgeous wood around the window (currently swamped by the curtains), fit an open fire, sand, paint and basically make it a living we want to actually be in. Here's a little sneak peak of its current state..

Living Room Renovation

Build A New Dining Table

I've been saying I want to do this for ages, but with 1000 other projects to do, it keeps getting pushed further and further down the list. But this year, I'm tackling it. The existing table simply doesn't fit with the chairs - the legs of the chairs literally don't fit underneath and they all collide. I specifically  bought the chairs for this room so we'll be swapping the table for a self-built one made from scaffold  boards. I think it'll fit the space much better and hopefully fit the style of the room a little bit more too. A matching bench for the far side of the table (near the log burner) is also on the cards as well!

Downpipe Feature Wall in Dining Room

Decorate the Conservatory & Add Seating

Last year we plastered the conservatory and painted the floor - but we never got round to decorating it in any other way. I already have a paint colour for the wall selected, so hopefully we can get our arses in gear and have that ticked off fairly soon. I've also collected some materials to build an indoor pallet seat with built-in storage as well, so that'll be the next big thing for this room. Other than that, it need a few more plants (you can never have enough!) and maybe the odd cushion or three to make it feel a little more homely. The idea for this room is to bring the outdoors in - a kind of summer room filled with greenery and space to relax.

Lean to Conservatory Ideas

In the Garden

Last year we built some scaffold decking (DIY tutorial coming in the Spring!) but we never actually finished it completely. So that's a first to-do must! I'd then like to build a garden dining table, which I have a really good idea for (although I won't share just yet!) and I'd also like to sort out the non-existent paving around the pallet sofa/firepit area as well. This one has been on the list for the last couple of years, so who knows whether we'll actually get it ticked off this year! Sneak peak at the not-quite-finished decking:

Scaffold Decking around back of house

Begin Basement Renovation

Finally, we'd like to begin the basement renovation. It's the next 'big room' on the renovation list and it needs fully gutting, new electrics, plumbing the whole lot. I have no intention of finishing the room this year, but I'd jolly well like to make a start on it. We shall see!

Victorian Terrace Basement

So that's this years short but sweet to-do list. I haven't quite managed to complete a whole list yet, but I'm certainly feeling good about this year. With the kitchen and bathroom out the way, things can only get easier right?!

What's on your 2018 to-do list?!


  1. Wow you finally managed to renovate your home, garden and living room then. That's great start. Is your renovation complete yet? I so want to see the transformation of your rooms. Do write another blog showing before and after pictures. That would be interest to watch. However, if you seek for some Home renovation Ideas you can also take help from They have pretty good collection of home, kitchen and bathroom renovation ideas.

  2. I love having a year goal list! I did one and it's taped to our kitchen cabinets (we haven't done the kitchen yet!) and nothing is more satisfying than ticking something off the list!! Look forward to seeing your progress.

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