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2017 Renovation Total Spend

2017 Renovation Costings Total Spend

I seriously uuhhmmed and ahhhed about whether or not I wanted to do another costing post this year. Partly because I didn't keep a track of finances in the same way I did before (aka - it's all been a bit messy!) and partly because I feel like we've somehow overspent on the DIY considering we haven't done all that much. But non-the-less, I'm keeping the traditions and going to share our total costings. So here we go, calculators at the ready!

So as I've said before, I like to share the full reality of our renovations - how much it's costing us, as well as how much stress it causes or how much work it involves. A large part of renovating is spending money - so to me, it makes sense to share that too. And I also hope it helps others realise how far (or not so far!) your money can go in the world of doing up your home, DIY-style.

You can see our 2016 costings here and our 2015 costings here.

As for 2017... Well, here we go:

Total Spent on Materials: £1115
(includes items like plaster, plasterboard, screws, paints, timber, sanding sheets etc)

Total Spent on Tradesmen: £0

Total Spent on Fixtures, Fittings & Appliances: £4099
(includes kitchen units, worktops, handles and kitchen appliances)

Total Spent in the Garden: £228
(includes decking oil, screws and timber etc)

Total Spent on DIY Tools: £237
(includes saw, drill bits, distance measurer etc)

Total Renovation Cost for 2017: £5679

Other Furnishing Costs: £151
(includes table, rug, chairs etc)

Yiiiiiikes. That's still a preetty chunky price tag IMO. We managed to keep costs down by not having any tradespeople in at all (hurrah!) although the cost of an actual kitchen, worktops and new appliances really took the bulk of the cost. Kitchens are never cheap, so I guess it was kinda to be expected, although I still think we got a fairly good deal on the kitchen, especially considering the quality of it and having solid timber doors too.

We spent quite a bit on new appliances this year and whilst this wasn't "essential" our old appliances were well and truly out of date, used and abused. Our old fridge/freezer was quite small and the washing machine made all kinds of odd noises. We decided not to go down the secondhand route for either of those and we didn't go for the cheapest of the cheap either, but they were all non-integrated (minus the very cheap dishwasher) so we'll never have to leave them behind, should we ever move. Hopefully a worthwhile investment!

As for everything else - we didn't spend have any other dramatic buys, just a fiver here and there which soon adds up. The only major tool we bought this year was the Plunge Saw, which amounted to almost half the Tool spending. We used it on all the end panels, the worktops and have since used it a few times on other DIYs as well - definitely a good buy, that one!

This year we also used up all our renovation savings (the money we had put aside from the sale of our previous house), and the loan we took out almost 2 years ago is also now long gone. So from here on out, we'll be surviving on our monthly disposable income for renovating - which isn't a great deal in honesty, however we have now tackled both the kitchen and the bathroom, so hopefully costs should be massively cheaper!

Most Expensive Purchase of 2017:
£2521 Kitchen Units - kinda expensive but I know lots of people who have spent muuuuuuch more, so I feel kinda good about the amount we spent. It will have more use than a car after all!
£780 On Appliances - expensive for sure, but much required as well.

Most Bargain/Discounted Purchase:
£24 Hallway Table from eBay was absolute steal. The sellers brought it with them all the way from New Zealand so it's truly a one-of-a-kind table. It's made from solid wood, in immaculate condition and basically a total total bargain!

So that's this year costings round-up! I can already hear 2018 calling for my money dammit! Watch this space for more expensive (and not so expensive!) renovation updates :)

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