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Renovations in 2015: What We've Achieved

2015, what a long year you've been - but still, not nearly long enough! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! With the festivities out the way, we're now looking forward to a new year - January marks our 18th month living in this old victorian renovation-project home and I'm so pleased that we have finally made serious head-way in the renovations. We've even finished an entire room! ...kind-of.

As we're beginning to plan what we want to achieve over the next year, I find it motivating to look back at the past year and all that we've achieved too.

So, what have we achieved over the last twelve months?


In January 2015 our bathroom was looking like this. It was unused, grotty and depressing awaiting a serious renovation makeover!

Bathroom Renovation

It now looks like this.

Modern Classic Victorian Bathroom

What an awesome transformation that I seriously couldn't be more chuffed about! We've plumbed, plastered, tiled, sanded and painted - to just name a few! And it was so so worth it. It was a long process, but I literally don't think I could be without this bathroom now. I'm so glad we made this our top priority in the house, splashed the cash and actually got the room completed this year. It's the only finished/nice room in the house and it's really given us the motivation to get on with the rest of the house!


Back in early 2015 our garden was looking much neater and more garden-like than it did in 2014, but it was still looking very much in-progress. We'd only recently grown grass to make a lawn and the dog-proof fence was still up, meaning the garden hadn't even been properly used yet! Elsewhere, bags of rubble were yet to be taken to the skip and generally it was looking quite scruffy. Not to mention we still didn't own a mower...

Scurry Garden during Renovation

Now, it looks like this.

Garden in Renovation

Pallet Seating at Night with Fairy Lights

We've fitted an outdoor pallet sofa, which I freaking LOVEEE! We've also fitted a raised decking planter bed against the right wall to add some much needed privacy between our garden and the road. The climbers have certainly made a huge difference and oh-my how fast they've grown! We've also rendered the brick border at the back of the garden which has made it look so much more modern and finished and we've even had the asbestos shed taken away too. There's still much left to complete out here, but we've certainly made huge progress this year!

Spare Bedroom

Just a few months ago this room was totally empty, with peeling wallpaper, floral carpets and it was a room that had no purpose or love.

Spare bedroom renovation

Only a couple of months on, this room is already taking transformation! 

Progress during a Renovation

Actually, it no longer looks like this. But I thought I'd save the finished (or semi-finished) results for a proper post! ;) We do still have a little left to achieve, but what this room needs most is filling with stuff. It needs a bed, a desk, shelves and pictures. It will soon be a lovely little room that will get heaps of usage as a office-come-guest bedroom. I cannot wait!

Surprise Bathroom Makeover

Whilst this isn't one of the renovations on our home - I couldn't possibly not include it! This was a massive job and not one I wish to ever do again. What am I talking about? The week this room...

bathroom renovation

....Became this room.

Small bathroom  renovation

We had just five days to completely renovate a bathroom for Grants parents and it was beyond hectic and stressful. It wasn't exactly the 'makeover' I used in the title, no, this was a complete rip-it-all-out and start again job. I'm pleased to see the back of this project. I think I'll be sticking to our own renovations from now! ...Famous last words.

Let's see what 2016 brings! What have you achieved this year in your home?

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