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Bathroom Progress: Installing the Bath & Basin!

I have huuuge progress in the bathroom to share with you today - we now have a working bath and basin! OHYEAH. It's been a loooong time since we had usable water in the upstairs bathroom and it feels GREAT. After finishing the floor off last week, there was nothing left to do in here but begin the new bath suite installation!

Modern Traditional Victorian Bathroom

We haven't actually changed the toilet or the basin, but we have changed the hardware - the plug, the taps, toilet seat and the toilet cistern handle (still yet to receive through the post) which is great way to save money in the bathroom and almost makes the pair look brand new!n Plus I think they fit in well with the style of bathroom I was after anyway.

Antonio Basin Taps

Antonio Basin Taps in Old Sink

The only niggling thing left to fix here is buying some longer adjustable tap connectors so that this ugly pipework isn't so obvious and we can simply tuck it away into the stem of the basin.

Basin Sink with Pipes

We've also installed a whole new gorgeous awesome bath tub - the slipper bath. I am in serious love. It's the small winchester bath from Victoria Plum which I purchased last year in the winter sale. Yes, it really has been sat in our hallway all that time! Not only is it beyond beautiful, but it's also seriously comfy to take a bath in. I've never laid in such a comfortable bath... Seriously. Since it's a smaller size than the bath that was in this room previously, we're able to comfortably fill it with hot water and still have some left to spare!

Winchester Small Slipper Bath

The bath taps with shower mixer are also from Victoria Plum (or Victoria Plumb, as it was back then) and I think they match the style of bath perfectly. They're the Antonio range which also match those for the basin. We've installed them with the use of freestanding standpipes which I purchased from eBay for the BARGAIN... Let me say that again, BARGAIN price of £10. RRP of these were £150+ so this was easily one of my best purchased I have made, ever. I felt slightly guilty for the poor sellers... But I guess you win some and you lose some. Or you should set a reserve so this never happens! Either way, it was great news for me and my oh-so-empty purse.

Antonio Bath Shower Mixer Taps

The only negative, was that waste pack that came with the bath unfortunately didn't supply a long enough chrome pipe to go down underneath the floorboards. This meant we had to use an ugly plastic pipe which is now a bit of an eye-sore. But we can of course always change this later.. And I'm pretty sure we will do. The feet, by the way are the ball feet option.

Winchester Slipper Bath with Ball Feet

It feels great to have a working bathroom again. We still have a little left to finish - the shower, mainly. But things are certainly looking more finished and I'm loving it - It brings to life everything I had envisioned back when we began planning this 12 months ago. We've certainly come a long way.

Contemporary Traditional Bathroom Suite

What do you think so far?


(rounded to the nearest pound)

New Tools Purchased:
Basin Wrench £15

Materials Used:
Bath and Waste £264
Basin Taps and Bath Taps £126
Basin Waste Plug £5
Cistern Lever £12
Toilet Seat £18
Standpipes £10
Tap Connectors £12

Total: £462


  1. Been reading all your bathroom posts, as we are in the process of putting bathroom ideas together. Your posts are really interesting and you made me think about window shutters for the bathroom and also the positioning of the fan but I am most impressed that you did all the plumbing. May give it a go and thanks for the link!

    1. Thanks :) Plumbing was surprisingly less difficult than we expected and we've had absolutely no leaks since (thank god!). The hardest thing for us was getting a good gradient for the waste pipes we relocated under the floor. I still lust after shutters for the bathroom, but it's probably a good thing I haven't yet made the purchase - our house is so endlessly dusty with the kitchen reno! I look forward to reading about bathroom renovations :)


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