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5 Stylish Electric Showers

As the bathroom is getting more and more finishes (cue small celebration!) we're beginning to pick out the finishing touches and this includes choosing the actual shower! We're going for an electric shower because we're in the need of a new boiler (ours is outrageously old, uneconomical and we haven't used it since moving in) so the best option was to go electric. 

Electric showers can be relatively cheap (although perhaps not-so much to actually run!) but boy can they be ugly too! A plastic box affixed to the wall just wasn't going to suit my newly renovated bathroom, so I began searching a little further with an increased price-tag.

Here's the run-down of 5 of my personal favourite most stylish and luxury electric showers:

1. Triton White Glo
A slimline design that's elegant and fuss-free with slightly more power at 9.5KW and £240

2. Wickes Hydro-Touch
This 8.5KW shower features touch control buttons with LED lights and a digital display. All at only £150! What's not to love?

3. Aqualisa Lumi
Another 8.5KW model with a super swish stylish illuminated panel at the front which can be altered to appropriate brightness. Also features five different spray patterns but all comes at a pricey £400!

4. Soakology Force
Similar to the Hydro-Touch with its illuminated touch buttons, but also features an adjustable temperature control knob finished in a bronze unit. Also 8.5KW for around £190

5. Mira Azora
This shower features a glass fascia with polished edges. The most powerful of the lot at 9.8KW with four different spray patterns and costs £290

We've already picked ours out. I'll let you guess which one you think was my personal favourite ;)

What's your favourite?

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