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5 Great Products for Saving Energy! (and your bills)

When we bought this house a year ago, we knew we wanted to do as much as we could to cut down on everyday bills so that we could afford the ongoing costs of DIY and renovating our home. What better way to cut costs than to actually save energy too?

Here's some top tips and some of the ways that we save energy (or plan to!) in our house:


Draught excluder is a must for saving energy! I've done an entire post on the different ways to draught-proof your home, which you can find here. But I'm focussing now just on DraughtEx, as this is simply one of my most-used favourite ways. It's basically a roll of rubber than slots in-between floorboards and underneath the skirting to stop those naughty draughts and oh-boy does it work! You really don't realise how draughty floorboards can be until you've sealed them up! This stuff keeps the heat in your home for longer, stops draughts and cuts down the need to produce as much heat. It's a winner all round!

Electric Radiators

Whilst still on the subject of saving heat - Electric radiators. What? Electric radiators? Yep! These electric radiators from Best Electric Radiators are 100% energy-efficient costing just 5-6p per hour! They even have an built-in thermostat turning the radiator off when it's reached the required temperature, which means it's not constantly heating unnecessarily! What's also great about electric radiators is that you don't have to heat the whole house at once either, so you're not wasting electric by heating that guest room that hasn't been used in four months. You can find out more info on the energy-efficiency of these radiators by clicking here. I wish I'd known about these in our last house!!

Heated Clothes Dryer

Again on the topic of heat - ditch that tumble dryer and opt for a heated clothes airer instead! It costs less than 4p an hour to run and dries your clothes in no-time! This energy efficient way of drying clothes cuts down your heating bill if you tend to put the clothes on the radiators, and no-more way-over-the-top drying costs from tumble drying! It's even kinder to your clothes! Seriously, I cannot recommend this one enough! Again, I've posted a review on this before, which you can check out here.

Energy Monitor

What better way to save energy than to monitor your usage? Energy monitors are a great way to keep track of the cost of day-to-day energy usage - but most importantly, it allows you to see where you're spending unnecessarily. Perhaps it's that TV that's always stuck on stand-by - we're so much more likely to actually save energy if we can see first-hand the wasted money we're spending. This one really is a great way to save.

Eco Shower Heads

As we're currently renovating our bathroom and very close to picking out a new shower - I've been searching for some eco-friendly options. One of the best things I've found is an eco shower-head. These aerate the water as it passes through the shower-head, thus meaning using less water! It's completely inexpensive, easy-to-fit and your showering experience won't even feel any different! What a brilliant idea!

What's your top ways for saving energy?

*Collaborative Post


  1. One thing to be careful of re: the heated clothes drier is humidity (and therefore possible mould/damp/condensation problems)! :) Drying clothes inside is one of the biggest culprits for that - tumble driers either condense the water or vent it directly outside which helps to control the water floating around in the air in your property.

    1. I've never had a problem with this clothes airer! But you're absolutely right, it's a common problem with drying clothes on radiators - We used to have single glazed windows in our previous house and this airer didn't even make those rubbishy windows condense! Definitely something to watch out for.. I imagine it'd be a bigger problem in a small space.


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