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Doug 6-7 weeks

7 weeks

Since puppies grow so faaast, I've tried to take as many pictures as possible to capture his growth.
At 6 weeks he...
  • Spent 90% of the day sleeping. And could literally fall asleep anywhere.
  • He was so small he could walk underneath our adult dog Todd.
  • He could also fit through the bars of the stair-gate.
  • Was fairly interested in Todd but more interested in his toys and sleeping. -  Todd preferred to keep his distance.

You can see how much he's grown from this picture below!

6 weeks

By 7 weeks he started to lose his babyness and is becoming more like a dog! He loves
  • Annoying the hell out of Todd..
  • Doesn't understand that Todd's growls mean "GO AWAY" yet
  • Hasn't quite realised he can no longer fit through the stair-gate and keeps getting stuck.
  • He loves his food at the moment and likes to linger around the cupboard where it's kept.
  • Biting EVERYTHING.
  • Attacking feet is a must.
  • Todd has also learnt how to play like a dog again! It's been a few years since he played like that.

In a few days Doug becomes 8 weeks, which also means he gets his first set of injections and can finally step out into the outside world (something he has tried to do a couple of times already) and we can also begin his toilet training properly. Can't say I'm going to miss having to clean up multiples wee-wees all day long.

So the Easter weekend has officially begun, we're having a snuggled weekend on the sofa watching plenty of TV-films, and probably eating way too much chocolate (that's me, not the dogs). Here's a picture of Todd on his first Easter as a pupster 7 years ago... He was about 5 months here.. Time flies!

Happy Easter! :)

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