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12 Ways to Survive Winter Without Central Heating

12 Ways to Survive Winter without Central heating

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know we've had absolutely zero form of heating in this house for the last two winters. When we viewed this house (and read the selling form) we were overjoyed that it had a boiler and radiators - our previous home had zilch, just old electric storage heaters that cost an absolute bomb - so much that we never used them for three whole years. But of course, as we got so carried away with the beauty of this home, we never actually looked for the boiler. Surely seeing radiators in a property is enough?

Boarding Over the Kitchen Ceiling!

over-boarding a ceiling

So you've seen our new kitchen walls and you've also seen our recent roof addition, the Velux window (still LOVE IT!). Today I'm sharing our new ceiling! It's not that exciting, I admit. But when you're renovating, every small step towards the end makes a huge impact to the room and the tunnel gets shorter and shorter. And for that, I'm excited!

{DIY} Cheap & Easy Fire Pit for Under £25!

How to Build a Fire Pit for Under £25

This post is either stupidly late since summer has been and gone - or perfectly timed, in preparation for Bonfire Night. You choose which ;) Building a fire pit was something I'd planned loooooong ago - seriously, over 2 years ago it appeared on this garden planning post. And finally, I have built one! Our plans for the garden have changed slightly over the years, but a fire pit was always a must have for us. We love spending time in the garden and being Britain, the weather often doesn't allow it. A fire pit would give us the warmth we needed to enjoy the garden almost all year round. We also wanted something that could double-up as a BBQ purely because we find storing BBQs a pain in the damn arse and we don't really have the room to keep one. And so, I created this.

The Roof has a Window!

full roof window installation - how to

One of the biggest negatives about our kitchen (I say that word very loosely - we currently have no cabinets, flooring, or anything that resembles a kitchen - but you get what I mean...) is that it doesn't have any windows to the outside, thanks to a conservatory/lean-to stuck at the side. Our new french door is the only thing that brings light into this room - and it's a fairly small french door at that. The dining room also suffers from the same problems and the window in this room looks into the conservatory too. It means the entire back of the house is really very dark. We don't have the space to add any extra windows - and we didn't have the cash to enlarge the opening for our new french door either. The kitchen is actually an extension to the house (albeit a very very very old one - we're still talking Victorian here) and is single storey, which means unlike the dining room which has rooms above, the kitchen has a roof directly above. It was the perfect opportunity for us to add a roof window for some much needed extra light.

The Log Burner Installation Reveal!

Log Burner Installation

Five years we've lived without heating. Five years with one single electric radiator moving from room to room with us as we move around the house. I kid you not. Central heating is something that's completely alien to us. Throughout the two houses we've owned - we've never had it. Why, you ask? Because we simply don't have enough money to have it installed as well as being able to renovate the rest of the house. It sounds so silly to decorate and do-up a house when some of more practical elements, like central heating aren't there. But that my friends, is something I'm willing to sacrifice for the sake of a nice looking cosy homely home. Okay - who am I kidding, it's obviously not going to be cosy unless I'm walking around wearing my duvet, but you get my drift, right? Feeling relaxed in a well put together, but colder home matters more to me than having a heated horrible dank smelly house waiting years to be able to change it.

Painting the Hearth | Victorian Fireplace Reveal

victorian fireplace with painted hearth

Some months ago I purchased a Victorian Fireplace for the smallest bedroom off eBay. It needed some restoring which I finished a while back, but since then it's just been sat in the bedroom against the wall, unattached, collecting dust. The reason I hadn't gotten around to fitting the fireplace was because I couldn't decide what to do with the hearth. The original tiles were long gone and instead we were left with a concrete slab that really needed some interior style attention.

Kitchen Update: Cracked Walls & Plasterboard

kitchen renovation update: cracked walls and plasterboard

So you might have been wondering what's happened with our kitchen renovation. My last proper post on the renovation was some months back now, talking about removing the load bearing wall. We waited for what felt like an eternity for that to happen - so you'd have thought I would have updated you with heaps of progress and already have a kitchen by now. Truth is, whilst we have done heaps. we're still far far from a finished room. After spending days on end - no, make that weeks on end working on the job - the last thing I wanted to do was go and write about it. My motivation and inspiration for home renovating really does come and go - it's hard work keeping at it, spending all our free time on it and often feeling like we're not really getting anywhere. It's always good to take a break and I've done so by distracting myself with a few smaller DIYs which I've been sharing lately on here. But, now it's time to get back into the game - get these posts written and push the renovation through to the end!