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DIY Projects

DIY Projects
DIY Projects

Insulating Walls With... Cake?

how to insulate walls internally

OK, so it's not quite cake - but it certainly looks like it, right? When we were planning the walls to be knocked through into the kitchen, a number of tradespeople suggested to us that we spent a little extra cash insulating some of our walls. Houses are typically built with two-brick thick walls and nowadays new houses also have a cavity between these bricks filled with insulation. This keeps you nice and toasty in winter. But in our house, some of our walls are just one brick thick which means they transfer the cold from the outside into the house very very easily. Our solution? Cake.

Summer Blues + A Giveaway!

Have you got the 'Summer is Ending!' blues? Because I totally have. The nights are getting darker earlier, the temperatures are dropping and we're just weeks away from welcoming a new month that we associate with the beginning of leaves falling off the trees. Where the heck did summer go? It was over so fast!

{DIY} Oriental Inspired Garden Bed with Built-In Seat

DIY Raised bed with seat

One of the reasons I love our garden so much is that I can trial ideas and DIYs without the fear of it going wrong (who cares, it's outdoors!) and I can literally put my skills to the test, which is exactly what I've done with this little DIY tutorial.

Fitting a Lintel in a Chimney

fitting a chimney lintel

On our mission to get the dining room chimney log-burner ready, I recently shared how we removed the old back boiler and uncovered a slightly questionable chimney opening. The original victorian supporting arch had been removed (I'm so damn angry at the 70s!) and instead some brick 'pillars' had been erected either side of the opening to "support" the chimney. Worse than this though, was that these pillars seemed to have either been built out of plaster or the worst crumbly mortar ever. Needless to say, some seriously dodgy building work had occurred inside this chimney at some point and as a result, the chimney had not been supported properly supported for the last 40-odd years and we now had to fix it.

5 Great Brands for Log Burners on a Budget

5 Brands for Log Burners on a Budget

If there's one thing we know lots about, it's about being on a budget. We've spent the last five years renovating on a budget and the last five years without any central heating because of it. The cost of fitting a whole new gas central heating system just doesn't fit into our budgets. We've become pro's at living in a colder-than-normal home, finding ways to keep the heat in and create heat without a boiler. It's less than ideal and whilst we can't afford gas central heating, we can afford other options out there.

Removing an Old Back Boiler

what are back boilers

One of the things we were most excited about when we purchased this house was having central heating! We'd spent three years living with single glazed windows and terrible electric storage heaters (which we simply couldn't afford to run!). When we had seen 'Part Central Heated' and 'Double Glazed' listed on the specs for this house, we couldn't believe it. We could easily add a few extra radiators and make it fully central heated! We were finally going up in the world of luxuries!

A Rather Large Lighting Haul

lights4fun haul

My name's Kerry and I have an obsession with fairy lights. Ever since purchasing some net fairy lights for the garden of our last house, I can't help but want twinkling gorgeous fairy lights everywhere. Indoors, outdoors, if I had it my way it would constantly look like Christmas in this house.