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Turning a Cupboard Into a Pantry

Turning a cupboard into a pantry - how to do it!

It's been a while since I properly updated the blog on some of our DIY and renovations - and that's because we've been working away from our home, in another home. Yep, we're doing bits and bobs for someone else's renovation; Grant's parents renovation. Actually, I'm not sure I can call it a renovation just yet, but as I mentioned a while back, we'll be tackling their kitchen later this year - and in order to do so, we needed to sort a few smaller areas of their home first. With the first job being the old boiler room.

Somfy Electric Blind Review

Somfy Electric Roller Blind Review

I haven't done a living room update in quite a while; truth be told, we've had to put it on hold a little bit, due to a few different reasons. BUT, I'm back sharing a small update today - a new fancy electronic window blind! Yep, it's a blind that works totally on its own, via the power of a remote control!

Traditional Hand-Crafted House Signs by Village Green

Village Green House Sign Review

This time last year, I did quite a full 'front of house makeover'. I painted the door and I got up on a very high ladder and painted around the windows too. The house went from hugely discoloured red to clean white with a punchy dark blue door. But one thing I failed to update was the house sign. And over the last few frosty months - it took a bit of beating and completely fell apart. We needed a new one ASAP.

Bioethanol Fires: An Alternative to Wood-Burning Stoves

Bioethanol Wood Burner Review

You guys know how much I love my wood burning stove in the dining room. It's aaaaaa-mazing. However, it was bloody darn expensive. We're talking four figures. There's the cost of the stove, the cost of the flue, the cost of all the little bits like a register plate and chimney cowel and then there's the cost of having it all fitted. Which is no easy DIY when it involves carrying a 9m length of steel flue all  the way up some ladders and onto your roof. Even for us, that was a stretch too far. The whole thing, was expensive.

However, there is a much much cheaper easier alternative - a bioethanol fire. Say what now, I hear you ask? Bioethanol. It's a kind of liquid that burns a smokeless fire. You don't need a chimney. You don't need a flue. You don't need a hearth. In fact, you don't to pay for any kind of installation. And yet, you still get the beauty of a real fire, heat and it even looks like a real wood burner, don't you think?!

Living Room Makeover with Little Greene (And A Guide to Hanging Wallpaper)

Little Greene Blogger Decorating

I've been busying myself over the last few weeks with our living room renovation - getting the walls prepped, the ceiling pepped, opening up the fireplace, sanding floorboards (post on that coming soon!) and finally - we're at the painting and decorating stage. I think this is probably the quickest makeover I've ever done - talk about girl on a mission!

So, this post is in collaboration with Little Greene, who have recently launched a new range of absolutely gorgeous wallpaper; Archive Trails II. I have been incredibly fortunate and as part of this collaboration, I was able to choose and feature one of those wallpapers in our living room. And I can't tell you how much I love Little Greene wallpapers, so I am thrilled to pieces to be working with them!

A Chalkboard Calendar Wall Sticker | WallBoss Review wall sticker review

If you've been following our Conservatory Renovation, you'll have seen this room transform from an indoor shed (not literally) to a relaxing, warmer (non-leaky!) space. I've built some DIY seating, I've painted the floor in a jazzy geometric pattern but it's still looking a little empty shall we say. I have lots of plans for this room (and never enough time) which will essentially turn it into a full indoor garden room. I'm talking plants galore, vintage garden plant pots, gardening tools and basically it will become an indoor forest of awesomeness. So when got in touch to ask if I wanted to review one of their wall stickers, I knew exactly the one I wanted and I needed it in this room.

Uncovering a Victorian Chimney Arch

Opening up a victorian arch

One of the most hideous features of our living (aside from that floral carpet!) was the 70s style gas fireplace. It just kills the period features in the room. The cornicing, the panelling around the window; all those gorgeous original features, dominated by one giant ugly fireplace. Luckily, we had the gas to it disconnected back when we did some work in the kitchen a couple of years back (always thinking ahead!) and so now we're renovating the living room, it was finally time for this old thing to get gone. Finally! Thank the lord!