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DIY Projects
DIY Projects

Our New Skip (On Wheels!)

Our New Skip on Wheels

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know we're all about money saving. We do almost every aspect of our home renovation ourselves and we find new and inventive ways to renovate our home on the cheap. We don't have huge incomes and we do have to manage money on an almost daily basis (literally).

Home Renovation: Two Years On

Home Renovation after Two Years

July 2014, we moved in. The house was so retro it was unreal, there were floral carpets, shiny wallpaper, polystyrene ceiling, and an old back boiler; the list goes on. We couldn't believe we owned this house, it was almost everything I had ever wanted from a house and it felt like such an achievement to be able to call it our own.

Firing Up the Cooker

Firing up the cooker

After almost four months living off microwave meals, we can finally eat real food again and oh boy am I beyond excited about it! It all started some months ago when we ripped out the kitchen leaving no where to cook or prepare food. I had been searching eBay for several weeks waiting for the right cooker, listed in the right way and at the right time to bag myself a serious bargain. And I struck gold when I managed to win a bid on this Toledo Rangemaster at just £350. It had even barely been used, as the previous owner said she didn't even like cooking and had just bought it for show!

A New Window Treatment review

Back in the winter of last year we began renovating our smallest bedroom, turning it into a home office. Although we finished all the major work and moved everything in, many of the finishing touches laid completely unfinished. We're still yet to fit the Victorian fireplace I recently restored, the door needs rehanging, the built-in cupboards need updating and the window too, needed a new lease of life and was still rocking the 1950s style sun-bleached blind. 

5 Years of Home Ownership

Five years and 1 month ago, Grant and I purchased our very first home together. It wasn't the romantic buyers dream you might envision of a young couple buying a home. We had possibly the worlds smallest buyers funds and we didn't the opportunity to be picky in any way at all. In fact we could only afford two houses in our entire town. Yes, just two.

The Life of a DIYer

Renovating a home DIY style means endless amounts of dust, cleaning the house religiously, showering about twelve times a day (slight exaggeration, but seriously sometimes twice is completely necessary!) and hours upon hours just working right into the late of night until our eyeballs have turned red. It's not a glamorous life in the slightest. 

Quirky Interiors: A Colour Changing Vase?!

Our home isn't the most colourful place - I have a strangely large obsession with the colour grey and it's turning up everywhere. I love it so much that I think the colour is becoming a little dull looking in our house. Too much grey can become really very dreary, like a terrible dark dull winters day, but accompanied with pops of colour, it looks incredible. I love a dark grey against copper or burnt orange, and I love a lighter grey against a bit of yellow. I'll always love grey, but I'm beginning to realise I really need more colour in my life and more importantly, in my home.

I've been trying to collect a few items with bright pops of colour in them for the smallest bedroom which is currently used as an office. Whilst the cool grey look in here is nice, I really want to add some more fun to the room to make it more interesting whilst I'm in there doing some not-so-interesting work. And this vase certainly has the colour and the fun!

colour changing vase