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DIY Projects

DIY Projects
DIY Projects

Alternative Logs for Wood Burners

heat logs review

A few months back we took the plunge into finally purchasing a wood burner and since then we've been enjoying many nights snuggled by the fire, enjoying it's glorious heat. And if you didn't already know - this is a pretty huge deal for us, after having spent the last six years (and more to come!) without central heating. We finally have heat and it's bloomin' amazing!!

We've been getting to grips with our log burner; learning which logs burn best for our needs, how to stack a fire and so on and so forth. Something I've read a lot about is heat logs. They're hugely popular throughout Europe and can be a more efficient and cleaner alternative to actual tree logs. They have lots of other benefits too and come in a variety of different forms. So, when Lekto Fuels asked if I wanted to sample some of their heat logs, of course I said yes.

Winter Giveaway with!

festive fires giveaway

At this time of year, my Instagram feed turns from beautiful flowers, blue skies and autumnal leaves to fire, log burners, fireplaces, and a few pesky broken boilers (always the way!) yep - it's almost winter.

We may not have central heating, but we do have for the first time this year(!!!) our newly fitted log burner, which we purchased from a few months back. It's already been a freaking life saver and I know as it gets colder, we'll love it even more! The heat output is pretty damn amazing and it heats the room quickly and efficiently too. Considering it's our only source of heat, we've really put ours to the test and have been nothing but impressed!

DIY: Exposing a Steel Beam & Fire Protection

how to fireproof a steel beam with paint

Steel beams - you either love them or hate them. Their purpose has absolutely nothing to do with being an interior statement, but to safely support the building that sits on top of it. However with industrial interiors becoming a growing trend, there's nothing that quite punches a statement of industrialism more than an exposed steel beam. But keeping a steel beam as a feature to a room isn't quite as simple as it sounds. Nope, there's building regulations to adhere to and safety aspects to consider first.

{DIY} Rustic Garden Screen

DIY Garden Screen

If you've been reading the blog for a while, you'll know that our garden lacks privacy somewhat. We don't have full height fences, but a half height wall with a kind of trellis on the top. It means is that our garden is very exposed to both our neighbours gardens and a road too. We've used reed screening, grown climbers and even planted bamboo elsewhere in the garden to combat this problem. But I wanted to do something a little bit different in this area of the garden, which is much closer to the house and where we'll eventually have decking and possibly another seating area. Yes, another! (tad obsessed) I picked up some pallet wood locally and decided I wanted to create a kind of quirky rustic garden screen that can also double-up as a trellis.

All I Want for Christmas... Is a Kitchen

christmas in an open plan kitchen

I hope you don't mind a slightly more chatty post for today - or the topic of Christmas either. I know it's probably (definitely) too soon, but when Christmas catalogues are being launched and shelves are being appropriately stacked with tree decorations and crackers, well, if you can't hide from it - you may as well just join it.

12 Ways to Survive Winter Without Central Heating

12 Ways to Survive Winter without Central heating

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know we've had absolutely zero form of heating in this house for the last two winters. When we viewed this house (and read the selling form) we were overjoyed that it had a boiler and radiators - our previous home had zilch, just old electric storage heaters that cost an absolute bomb - so much that we never used them for three whole years. But of course, as we got so carried away with the beauty of this home, we never actually looked for the boiler. Surely seeing radiators in a property is enough?

Boarding Over the Kitchen Ceiling!

over-boarding a ceiling

So you've seen our new kitchen walls and you've also seen our recent roof addition, the Velux window (still LOVE IT!). Today I'm sharing our new ceiling! It's not that exciting, I admit. But when you're renovating, every small step towards the end makes a huge impact to the room and the tunnel gets shorter and shorter. And for that, I'm excited!