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5 Ways To Make Your Home Smarter

WiFi control for electric heating

'Smart Homes' are constantly being talked about nowadays; with the advance of technology, people are beginning to find their homes and the tech within it somewhat outdated. From the start of Smart TVs to the Smartphones, the Smart Technology group has grown rapidly over the last few years and who knows where it's going to go next. Smart Homes technology isn't just gadget-y, it's often energy saving, and makes how we use technology more efficient, convenient and user-friendly. So if you're looking to make some simple tech updates to make your home more up to date, then here's 5 basic home upgrades that can make your home just a little more smarter.

First Time DIYers: The Essential Tools

First Time DIYers - The Essential Tools

So I've thought for a while about making some posts on our tools; what we have, what we wish we had, what I recommend and what I don't. Over the last six years, we've gone from owning absolutely nothing to now having a whole wardrobe of stuff. So I'm going to do a little series over the coming months, featuring tools as well as pretty (or not-so pretty!) house updates. For this post, I'm going right back to basics and talking about the essentials for new first-time DIYers. Basically, what I wish someone had told me, when we first started buying tools.

{DIY} Fitting a Karndean Loose Lay Floor

Providence Karndean Floor Review

'Karndean'; the word I've heard a lot around the internet lately - everyone's talking about it. I'd heard of Karndean before I even knew what the hell it was (flooring!), what it looked like, or what it felt like. So when I was offered the chance to give a test, well obviously I was like YES, I need to see what the hell all this fuss is about and what makes it so special.

The Electric Heating Company: EcoSave Electric Radiator Review

The Electric Heating Company Review

If you're a long-time reader around here, you'll know our house doesn't have any form of central heating. The property used to have an old back boiler in the chimney, which we've since removed and replaced with a log burner - which is absolutely FAB - but other than the room the log burner is in (kitchen-diner), the rest of the house is heat-less during the winter.

Living in a house without central heating can be freaking cold at times, it really can. Our old house also didn't have central heating and it didn't have double glazed windows either. Heating the house was a constant battle. Six years on, two heat-less homes and we've now pretty much bossed living without gas central heating - how to retain heat better, how to make heat (affordably), how to dry clothes in rooms without heat. I basically have a whole "how to live without heating" degree 😉

5 Changes That Have Made The Biggest Difference To Our Home

Home Renovating: 5 Changes that will make the biggest difference

Renovating isn't just about putting your own stamp on a property - it's a lot about updating it to meet modern standards and creating a home that works for you. We've been living in this house for 3 years now and we've done plenty of renovating - so I thought I'd share 5 changes we've made that have made the biggest difference to this house and how we live.

[DIY] Painting A Patterned Floor

How to Paint a Patterned Floor

Jumping over to a new room, we're kick-starting the conservatory renovation back up! You might remember last year we started doing some work in this room before the kitchen reno really took off - well a whole year later and one kitchen reno out of the way, we're back to it! And this time, we're tackling the floor.

Choosing & Fitting Kitchen Handles

Satin Nickel Cup Drawer Handles in Kitchen

I thought the hard decisions were done when we picked out our kitchen, turns out of course, I was totally wrong. Kitchen handles. Too big, too small, questionable quality, too expensive, sticks out too much - it goes on. And I mean THAT was after we'd decided on the type of metal/finish as well. Chrome, Stainless Steel, Copper, Matt Black, I could be here all day.

We did however eventually decide Satin Nickel was the finish we wanted - it matches our tap and our lights and it also ties in nicely against the stainless steel appliances as well (cooker hood and fridge). Our second choice was polished chrome, but it wasn't quite rugged enough for us and with polished chrome stuff, it's always pretty hard to keep it looking 'polished'. So with the choice of metal picked out, we then began looking for handles.