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Learn How to DIY Renovate

Learn How to DIY Renovate
Learn How to DIY Renovate

DIY Tutorials

DIY Tutorials
DIY Tutorials

Garden Renovation: Pallet Fencing and Raised Beds!

DIY modern urban garden renovation

Just a little update post today as over the last few weeks I've been revamping the garden and bringing it back to life, so thought I'd share what I've been up to and where you can find blog posts on all the DIYs!

The garden is my favourite place to DIY because I honestly believe you can't go wrong with it. Paint your best friend and can't go wrong using rustic reclaimed wood. It's where I've practised many aspects of DIY, from bricklaying to building. Basically, anything goes! If you want to start your journey into DIY, I highly recommend the garden as a starting point.

How to Keep House Plants Watered When You're Away

How to water plants when on holiday

I have been meaning to write this post for the last two years, but somehow time always escapes me! As you may (or may not) know, we tend to go away every Spring/Summer for almost three whole weeks - that's three weeks our plant babies have to live without us watering them daily. And yet, when we return - they've (so far) always still been alive! How do we do it? Well, keep reading...

The 'Other' Kitchen Renovation: From Start to Finish (+ Full Breakdown of Costs)

Kitchen renovation from start to finish

Jeeez, I haven't posted on here properly with renovation updates in such a long time. Back in January, I told you guys how we were beginning a whole new kitchen renovation - this time at Grants parents. It was a 6-month project that took so much of our time, meaning I haven't really been able to keep up with blogging it all.

Thankfully, it's now over and completely finished, so I'm going to give you a whirlwind speed tour of the journey! I'll blog individually about some specific topics - like DIY plastering and tiling, but if you want to see some before and afters, then keep scrolling!

DIY How to Build a Pergola Over a Gate

DIY Pergola Over Gate

Pergola, pagoda? Does it confuse anyone else? I feel like I've travelled enough so it *shouldn't* confuse me, but you know what, it does.

Today's DIY is a pretty simple one actually. Something that I thought would be more complicated but turned out to be one of my simplest DIYs. I've taken all the shortcuts on this one and you know what? It looks great. I also use leftover wood for the entire project, which means it has cost absolutely nothing at all! Can you get better than that?

So of course, I'm sharing the DIY with you - so you can make your own gate pergola too!

How to Install Fence Posts Using Concrete Bolts

Installing fence posts with concrete bolts
Over the last week, we've been finishing off our DIY pallet slat fencing. This was a job we started last year but ran out of pallets - typical! We've replaced two fence posts for this job, using only concrete/masonry bolts this time - which made the job s a lot easier. So I thought I'd make a dedicated post for using them and share in a bit more detail.

This seriously simple DIY is for anyone looking to install fence posts or gate posts against a brick wall, or into a concrete floor. You can also use this method for anchoring decking joists or other mounting other items against concrete or brick. These bolts are super versatile (well, as long as you're using them in concrete/brick!), and I think you'll find them really easy to use.

Our Renovation Journey: Q&A

Dog on top of renovation rubble

Yesterday I shared some before and after shots of our 5 year house anniversary and 5 whole years of renovating! It's both flown by and been a bit of a drag, but here we are, five whole years later - still renovating, still blogging. Not many changes eh?

I asked on Instagram if you guys had any questions for me and I got a fair few, so thought I'd compile a 10-part question blog post answering them. From tool recommendations to tips on controlling dust and dirt to managing costings - I'm sharing 10 answers to 10 questions. So keep reading if this kind of thing interests you...

Our 5 Year House Anniversary (+ Some Before and Afters!)

5 Year Renovation House Anniversary

As I write this, today will be our fifth year living and renovating in this house. Five whole years. How bonkers is that?! I have no clue where the time has gone, but it's gone fast. I moved in as a 23-year old feeling ridiculously excited and proud of our new home and I'm now a 28-year old feeling somewhat tired and disheartened at the fact we've lived here for so long and not done quite as much as I would have hoped. Ha! Does it ever end, I wonder?