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How to create an Instagram Wall

I've seen a ton of these around the web, and really wanted to create my own with a twist. This is simple, easy and anyone can re-create it! Enjoy ;)

Things you'll need

Step 1.
Printing out your Instagram photos. OK, so there's a TON of websites that offer a professional photo printing service delivered to your door, hassle free. A couple include Instaprnt and Firebox. However, these are preeeetty pricey. So, I suggest printing your own. I chose to print mine at one of those instand print photo-booths in Boots. As these print on a 6"x4" photo paper, you need to make sure you alter the photo so that they print square and don't come out stretched. To do this, you need to use picture-editing programme. Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro are two of my favourites. Open up the photo in the programme, and click on image > resize.

Alter the size to 600 x 600, then click on image > canvas size.

Resize to 924 (width) and 616 (height), the photo will now look like this, with a white border, and will be suitable for printing on 6x4 photo paper without distorting the photo. Put them onto a USB, or other memory device and you can head off to print them.

Step 2.
Planning out the wall. Using a spirit level, draw a level straight line on the wall for the entire length you want your wire to be.

Step 3.
Hammer in pins at either end of the line. Get an adult to help you if needed.

Step 4.
Wrap wire around the first pin and pull tight whist wrapping around the other pin.

Step 5.
You can then erase the pencil line with a rubber, and paint your buttons. These are going to hide the ugly pin heads. I'm using some heart-shaped ones. You can use any old paint, but I'm using some old dulux-tester paints.

Step 6.
Whilst the buttons are drying, cut out your photos.

Step 7.
Glue the buttons onto the pints. Make sure your glue is strong. Prit-stick isn't going to cut it ;p

Step 8.
Attach your photos! You can buy some these mini pegs in most arts and crafts shops, or you can find them on eBay. Attach your photos, step back and admire, and you're done!

Hope this inspires someone out there... 'Cause I quite like it. :)
Until next time..
Over 'n' Out!

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