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4 Years On - Our Home Reno Update

Home Renovation Updates

I can't believe we've been living in this house for four years already! It seems absolute madness and in many ways makes me realise how far we haven't come within our home renovating journey. I mean, four years and we're barely halfway through?! But I guess that's the reality of DIY renovating and renovating on a serious budget. Tough life, eh?

Despite being far from finished, over the last 12 months, a lot has happened. We've finished the kitchen entirely (well, 95% finished - but that counts as finished right?!), we've finished the dining room entirely (well, 95% again) and we've made tons of progress in both the conservatory and the living room. Not to mention the garden has changed quite a bit too. So, that's five different areas of the house in 12 months - not bad! And, I think this is the first year the house is actually beginning to feel and look like a home.

So, this post is basically going to be a kind of 'up-to-date house tour' showcasing where we're currently at in our home reno journey. I do this post every year, so if you want to see how our journey has unfolded year on year, you can check out each of these posts for the last four years right here:

Year 3 Update (Last Year)

So let's start at the beginning, shall we? I'll walk you through the house, in the order of the rooms, you would meet. I haven't styled any of the rooms for this shoot, what you see is what you get (sorry!) and it was on a bit of a dark day (mistake!).

The Hallway

This room is unchanged as ever! Actually, we anticipate this will be the last room we possibly ever tackle, so it's barely changed in four years and I don't see it changing much any time soon. But I mean, it's not that bad, right? *said through gritted teeth*

Victorian Hallway Renovation
Narrow Victorian Hallway

The Living Room

This room has gone through quite the transformation this year. I've sanded floorboards, stripped wallpaper, repaired the ceiling (ish) and bought a whole new secondhand sofa. Let's just say this room is probably the most changed room over the last 12 months. We've taken a break from it for the summer, but we hope to finish it later in the year! If you want to see all the progress made so far, you can find all my living room posts here.

Living Room with Vintage Floral Wallpaper
Living Room Renovation

The Kitchen/Diner

Last year at this time, we only had half a kitchen. We still didn't have a working sink, a proper tap, or a worktop along the right-hand side of the kitchen. We basically had run out of cash and had to wait to save for the last missing piece. A whole year on, it's DONE. OK, the hanging lights are still out of place and we still don't have shelves - but other than that, it's done. And it feels good! You can see the full kitchen tour here.

Galley Kitchen Renovation

The dining room is also finished, albeit with a plug and light switch still hanging out the wall. But it's done, it's furnished (although I desperately want to build a new table) and it's a room that's finally nice to be in. For three years, this was just a space we walked through; it lacked purpose and we never had somewhere to sit when we ate. Oh, how life has changed in the last 12 months! I've almost forgotten those days... almost.

Dining Room Renovation


Well, this room has also undergone quite the transformation! Last year I painted the floor on a whim since we had zero budget and I felt like we needed to up the pace of renovating a bit. It's definitely added a punch of character and it's held up pretty well for the most part too. The only issue we've had with the painted floor was during the change from colder to warmer weather, which has lifted up some paint near the air vent - but luckily you can't see much of that. More recently, I've built the pallet seating in here too, which I had been planning for YEARS! And my vision of a garden room conservatory with plants galore is finally taking shape. There's still much to do here, but I'm really pleased so far.

Lean-to Conservatory Makeover

The Basement

The secret room I very rarely talk about! I am so desperate to get my paws working down here. But, it's going to be expensive and we currently have no money. We have ventilation issues we need to sort out, and I don't want to rush into anything and make the wrong decision. So far, I haven't researched enough to begin work down here - so it basically looks exactly the same. Well, aside from the stack of pallets mounting up. I'd like to start sooner than later with work down here, but we'll see...

Victorian Cellar
Victorian Cellar Renovation
Victorian Basement

The Landing

Another room that totally hasn't changed. We even still have stuff in moving boxes from 4 YEARS AGO. Seriously when does it end?

Landing Renovation


This was the first room we ever tackled and it doesn't look too different now. I'd love to update this room a little because we never quite got round to the 'finishing touches' stage and it feels a little empty and unloved at times. I'm also not digging the cream walls and we STILL have skirting boards missing in places and a cupboard without a door. But, meh. We have a place to shower and pee, that's what counts right?

Modern Victorian Bathroom

Smallest Bedroom/Office

We use this room as an office, although it doesn't actually see that much use. It hasn't changed at all this year really. Again, I'd love to furnish it better - but there's never the money for that. The negatives of forever renovating eh?!

Small Victorian Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Four years on, and this room is another one that's completely the same! From the curtains to the floor, we're still rocking dear old Edna's retro style. Will it be on the to-do list for next year? I kinda hope so. It would be nice to one day not wake up amongst this dark mess!

Bedroom Renovation


At the start of this year, we got rid of SO much rubbish from up here. Stuff we'd been keeping *just in case* - but we had kept it long enough, it needed to go. We burnt a load of wood in the wood burner and took a load more to the recycling centre. It still doesn't look tidy or empty, but it's a great deal better than what it was. This room isn't a high priority on our list, although it definitely needs attention sooner than later.

Victorian Attic
Attic Renovation


I've been tackling the garden since day one of moving in! It looks SO much different to how it looked when we moved in and it even looks different from how it did 12 months ago. We've added decking, gravel, fencing and the rubble is almost gone. 4 years of work out here is beginning to pay off. We're not finished yet, but the end is certainly in sight. And we're hoping to have this area ticked off the to-do list by the end of next summer!

Garden with Chinese Lantern Lights
Victorian Garden Renovation

So that's the house in 2018, and our four-year houseiverasy update. Yes, I wish we had achieved more - but that's probably always going to be the case. And I think this year has been quite a good one, so I feel good about that. Here's to another year of hard work, ha!

Anyone else on the same long renovation journey out there?! Please come forward and make me feel better ;)

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4 Year Renovation Update Home Blogger


  1. Wow, you really have made a lot of progress! It was always going to be a big job so I think you've done really well. The kitchen and the living room are looking fantastic - I really like what you've done. Do you have any tips for renovating older properties? Or renovating in general? I think it's important to keep some of the original features in historic buildings.

    1. Ah thank you! We've definitely made some large changes in the last four years - I guess it's just easy to focus on what we *haven't* done sometimes. I'll definitely do a blog post on my top tips! I reckon I might have a few to share. Thank you! :)

  2. It looks so good. We found your blog just after we put an offer in on a place we wanted to buy and it's been inspirational in keeping us going (and also trying to work out what we can do ourselves vs what we need to get people in to do). From getting our Artex tested for asbestos it was on the walls and my neighbour wanted to be all gung ho to scrape it all off with his multi-tool!) to realising we can paint the hideous green door rather than replace it. We still have a lot to do and we're out of savings now so it's pay as we go, but our house is watertight, warm (new windows), the electrics are safe and we've had a new kitchen fitted (floor and decorating still needs to be done). I'm sure in a few years when I'm moaning about how little it feels we've done (we completed in March) I'll look back on this post fondly...

    1. Oh thank you - I'm so glad the blog is helping in you some way! We definitely had a lot to learn about renovating when we first started (and I'm sure we still do!), and I generally feel weird mix of excitement and stress towards it most of the time, ha! It sounds like you've got quite a bit ticked off already! Hang in there - we'll both make it to the finish line in the end!!

  3. Fantastic transformation! Love the pictures.

    1. Thank you! I make sure to take at least 100 pictures a day, haha! ;)

  4. It's funny how you may look at it as not having made progress as to my eyes you've done loads! I'm also in my place 4 years since February, and I think it's easier to see what you haven't completed when you are the one to see and live it every day and comparing it to the stylized Insta perfect homes which isn't the reality for about 90% of people! Long live the doors off in the hall, the unfinished skirting and the rooms which are filled with crap as you haven't sorted out where to put them yet...or maybe that's just my life!!

    1. Yeah you're so right! I see SO many insta-homes start and finish renovations in what seems like just a few months and we're here with rooms not even begun, 4 years in, ha! But it all takes time and I know we've done loads - it just never feels quite *enough*, but I think maybe I'd always feel that way. Nothing can ever truly be perfect, after all. I'm so with you on the rooms filled with crap! We've managed to get rid of LOADS this year, but the last 4-years have defintiely been like that for us. Crap and renovation dust all the way!! :)

  5. A renovation of this size is always going to take a long time, but you've clearly made some incredible progress, the kitchen and dining room look great, and the conservatory design is really complemented by all that natural light. As someone else mentioned, I'd also like to know if you have any tips for renovating older properties? Keep up the good work!


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