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The Chalk Paint That's Raising Money For Oxfam

Annie Sloan And Lem Lem

There are so many different chalk paints on the market nowadays, but the one everyone knows about is Annie Sloan. She was the creator of the original Chalk Paint - the paint that requires no sanding, no prep-work and can literally transform furniture within minutes. It's the perfect way to update those tired pieces of furniture and a great way to achieve a 'high end' look on a low cost item.

A couple of months back, the guys over at Team Annie Sloan got in touch and asked if I would help them raise awareness about an exciting collaboration. A collaboration with Oxfam, to raise money and help end poverty. Well obviously I said YES.

Annie Sloan And Oxfam

So how are they going to do that, you ask? Well Annie Sloan has created a new colour of paint and  with every can purchased, a percentage will help to raise money for Oxfam. I was sent a little gift pack to try the new colour out and show it off over on social media. I'm a massive supporter of Oxfam (and the new colour!) so I decided it needed a spot on the blog too.

So this is the new colour; it's called 'Lem Lem' a word that means 'to flourish' in Amharic and is defined as the colour of Hope, which it represents for those it's supporting.

Lem Lem Chalk Paint
Lem Lem Chalk Paint

It's a cool green colour inspired by the fields of alliums at the Oxfam Seed Project in Ethiopia. The project supports women farmers, teaching them business skills and giving them the tools they need for independence. This is just one of the projects that this pot of paint is raising money for.

Rustic Concrete Pot

So I'm going to show you the little pot I was sent to get creative with, so you can see the colour in all its glory.

I actually really liked the pot I was sent in its raw rustic form, so I wanted to incorporate some of that into the design I had in mind. I wanted to go for a design that wasn't too complex, but something that also had style. After a few sketch-ups I decided on a geometric 'mountain-style' of triangles and the idea of blending the paint out along the base. I used an artists paint brush to paint on the colour, it has a reeeaaally small tip which is perfect to achieve the look I was after.

Painting a Plant Pot With Chalk Paint
How to Paint a Plant Pot

The design required a bit of a steady hand and I used two coats to achieve a full coverage of colour. When it came to the blending the paint out along the base, I dipped the brush into a pot of water and dabbed the paint brush along the base. The added water helps to create the 'faded' effect I was going for. I think it gives a little more interest to the design.

Design Ideas for Plant Pot
Annie Sloan Lem Lem

And here it is! I planted some Allium seeds straight into the pot and then put it pride of place, on our new window sill. Hopefully I can remember to water it often and the seeds will actually grow!

I think it's a lovely colour; and it's actually something I wouldn't usually have picked out myself. It's definitely inspired me to a bit a more adventurous with colour, that's for sure. I think the natural feel to the colour would look fab paired against other natural materials, such as wood, concrete or even hessian. It has a really calming feel to it, which I would personally use in the bedroom. I didn't use much from the tester pot, so I'm certainly going to be seeking out other things to paint real soon!

Oxfam Paint Lem Lem
Painting with OxfamModern Rustic Plant Pot
Paint that's raising money for oxfam

So that's the new colour and how you can support Oxfam through Chalk paint. If you're looking for inspiration on how to use the colour, I thoroughly recommend checking out the hashtag #AnnieSloanAndOxfam over on Instagram to see other people's projects and how they've used the paint. From chest of drawers, to canvas print, chairs and much more - there's a ton of inspiration on there and I'm certain you'll fall in love with the colour too.

I love to know what you think to the colour and how you might use it within your home :)

You can Buy the colour Lem Lem online here.

*Products in this post were gifted to me in return for a feature on Instagram. Thanks for supporting the brands that support this blog!

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