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Pure Pet Food Review

Pure Pet Food Review

There are so many different brands of dog food on the market; dried food, wet food, tinned food, sachets food, mixers, don't worry I won't go on. But essentially, despite the many many choices, they're all pretty much the same. Some are more processed than others, some have more ingredients than others and some just have the luxury of being a well-known brand.

But what you don't see every day on a shelf is dehydrated dog food. Food made with 100% natural  pure ingredients, the kind of food you'd cook for yourselves. Human quality food. No sweeteners, food colouring, wheat or taste enhancers - just 100% pure ingredients but preserved by natural dehydration. Pure Pet Food is totally different to everything else out there on the market and is essentially the closest you can get to having a pure home cooked meal for your furry friends. Aside from of course, actually cooking a home cooked meal, but who has time for that really?

Straight from the box it looks like a kinda not-so-appetising chunky powder I guess, but the idea is that when you add water, the food slowly rehydrates, almost doubling in size turning into a kind-of wet food.

Dehydrated pet food

It's such a simple idea and it works. The front of the box tells you EXACTLY what's in it - in a really simple, easy to understand way. I don't know any other dog food brand (you can tell me if I'm wrong!) that promotes so-very obviously exactly what's in their food.

Pure pet food blog review

This one I'm reviewing is the Chicken Dinner box, which is particularly suitable for sensitive stomachs as well as fussy eaters, but they also have boxes made with Duck, Turkey and Fish too. Each one has a particular list of the type of dog it's suitable for (Puppy, Senior etc) as well as certain diets, such as weight management and sensitive stomachs. All their boxes are wheat free and are suitable for raw eaters also.

Dog food for raw meat eaters

You get a very handy scoop to use with it (which is perfect for using with their weight to food ratio measurements on the box!) and you also get a clip to close the bag properly to keep it nice and fresh. Unlike canned or sachet meat, which goes off in a day or two when opened, Pure Pet Food can last for 12 months in its dry format.

dehydrated dog food
pure pet food

So here's a few shots of it in its dehydrated state, with a bit of warm water added and then once fully rehydrated, which takes around 10mins. You can see how it really changes once water has been added and you can also physically see the chunks of meat and vegetables in here too. I find some types of dog foods absolutely revolting to look at and smell, but this actually stuff smells and looks good. I guess they actually say it's "human quality" for a reason.

100% pure meat and veg dog food
dog food that similar to homecooking
what does pure pet food look like?
100% Pure Ingredients Dog Food

Tasty right? Cost-wise it's not the cheapest pet food on the market (£28 for 8kg worth) but I strongly believe in feeding animals a properly nutritious meal, which you really don't get with certain *very cheap* dog foods. In my pre-20s when we were a bit tight on cash, we skimped a lot on pet food and I can honestly say having spent the last 3 years using a vet recommended brand, you can truly see the difference. Much like humans on poor diets, the condition of hair is really affected, their poop (sorry TMI) is affected as probably how they feel within themselves as a dog too. There really is a big different between quality and non-quality dog food and you can even read some of the 'success stories' of different medical issues Pure Pet food has helped with, from real people here too.

By comparison, the brand we were using before trying Pure Pet food was a pretty close match in price, to the same KG. So although it certainly isn't cheap, it is the right price for what we're willing to pay for our dog food. It's worth noting as well that while the boxes are much smaller in size (due to their dehydrated state) they can still supply the same KG as a large bag of food. For example this 500g box I'm reviewing is the same amount, when rehydrated as a 2kg bag of food.

It's recommended to mix your usual dog food in with the pure pet food to begin with, so that's what I've done in these shots. The real critics here are the pups themselves. So, here's what they thought...

Dogs enjoying pure pet food
cavalier king charles eating from dog bowl
mason cash star dog bowl
mason cash dog bowls

*NOM NOM NOM* In a nutshell ;) Actually they loved it so much I had to separate one from stealing the others food right after these shots. Here's Todd being restrained and not looking that guilty about it ;)

after fight dog photo

So, obviously our pups totally love it. They did have slightly more wet poops the first few times they tried it, but since then they've both been okay. Our pets aren't used to a raw or wet diet as they usually eat dried food only, so their stomachs have had to get a little used to it. But they certainly find it much more tastier than dried food, which sometimes they won't be so desperate to eat.

So to summarise, here's some my fave and not-so fave bits...

Favourite Bits:

  • Boxes are much smaller in size than bagged or tinned equivalents which makes it SO much easier to store! (Seriously, how do you guys store 8KG giant bags of dog food?)
  • You know exactly what is in each box, in actual understandable measurements.
  • Doesn't contain any extras - just pure meat and veg.
  • Human quality. Dogs approved of its tastiness.
  • Easy to prepare - just add warm water.

Not-so Favourite Bits:

  • Takes a little longer to prepare than dried food - i.e. you have to wait a while for it to rehydrate.
  • Dogs that aren't used to waiting may yap your ear off.
  • If you have more than one dog, it may cause arguments on who's allowed to help themselves to extra helpings since it's so tasty ;) ha!

If you're interested in giving Pure Pet Food a try, it can be found stocked at many Pets at Home branches throughout the UK, or you can use their online store (which offers free delivery above £20 and you guys know how I feel about paying for deliveries!) and they also offer a loyalty point system as well for repeat customers, which you can use to get free treats.

There's also a special link here where you can get 40% off a starter pack! Let me know if you decide to give it a go and what your furry pals thought of it ;)

Review of Pure Pet Food

*I received Pure Pet Food for this purpose of this review, however all thoughts & opinions are my own and I only share products I would genuinely recommend.

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