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Flymo's Mighti-Mo 300 Li Review

Flymo Mighti Mo 300 Li Review

Spring, Spring, Spring! Have I mentioned that word enough on the blog lately? I'm so bloody thankful Spring is here! For me, it means one main thing - gardening. I absolutely love gardening, more than I love painting walls (which if you don't know, is a freaking lot!). I'm not going to lie - I'm no professional gardener. I have a lot to learn, but my garden is my "happy place". Dust cannot accumulate, mess is easily hidden thanks to the alley at the back (much to our neighbours dismay, I'm sure!) and it's just a pretty place to sit and listen to birds and silence. Who am I kidding, it's mostly the dogs yapping and kids screaming in the background. But I don't mind any of that on a beautifully sunny day!

With the Sunday prior to the Easter weekend pinned as "First Cut Sunday", Flymo sent me their new lawnmower, the Mighti-Mo 300 Li to review for this years first garden trim! And just take a look at this grass - it was in a SERIOUS need of a mow!

first mow of the season with flymo

I think a well cut lawn can actually make or break a garden. Overgrown plants can be quite attractive at times and even weeds can be passed off in a "wild garden" theme. But a long lawn is just untidy and a serious nuisance when it comes to picking up dog poop. (Sorry if that's TMI!) Of all the 'around the house' jobs I'm likely to slack at - mowing the lawn is not one of them. I love a short lawn, one that almost looks carpet-like and since our grass grows crazy quick, I end up doing plenty of mowing over the Spring/Summer months and I actually rather enjoy it! So I was pretty chuffed to be able to review this new mower and was especially excited about it, because it's freaking cordless! Douglas was also pretty excited and was insistent on being in this shot...

review of flymo mighti mo

He does however make for a good size comparison - and as you can see, it's pretty small and compact! Which aside from being cordless, is one of the other main features. Setting up the mower was a complete doddle, all you have to do is attach the handles in two places (no tools required!) and slot the grass compartment together. It's super quick and easy and there was very little instructions to read.

how to set up flymo mighti mo 300
Setting up a Flymo lawnmower
Flymo handles

So as I mentioned before, it's cordless! Which means it is powered by a battery. A pretty huge battery! It only came half charged, but took just under an hour to charge the rest, which I was actually really impressed by! The battery slots into the top of the lawnmower and has a clever 'key' which locks and unlocks it in place. There was no time indication of how long the battery would last for - only that it can mow an entire tennis court on one single charge (equivalent to 250sqm!). I've managed to use the battery twice without charging it so far and I'm pretty certain I'll be able to get a third use out of it as well. Which is GREAT if you're forgetful at charging up devices like I am ;)

Flymo cordless lawnmower
battery on lawnmower

For me, being cordless was the main feature that really stands out about this mower. I can't tell you how amazing it was to mow the lawn and not have to fight with a cable. We actually installed an outdoor socket last year, thinking we were being pretty clever and would no longer need to use an extension lead with outdoor power tools. But, it turned out the cable of our old mower was still much too short. Having to constantly move cable out of the way is such a pain, and I can confirm mowing without a cable is not only infinitely easier, but also much MUCH quicker as well. Not to mention there's now a whole lot less danger with mowing too!

cutting grass for the first time in spring

As well as being cordless, it's also super lightweight. I mean seriously light. It makes manoeuvring around the garden so easy and lifting the mower in and out the house (we currently have a pretty huge step and store our tools in the basement down many many steps!) is no longer the faff it used to be. It's compact in size which makes it easier to store - which is a huge factor we consider when buying any kind of garden equipment considering we don't have a shed or garage. The handles easily fold up and the whole thing sort-of collapses down, which makes it easy to put into a cupboard if you're also lacking on space like we are!

Being compact in size does mean that the grass box isn't as big as our old mowers and what we're used to, so it does need emptying a little more often. For a lawn of our size, I had to empty it 2 and a half times, but obviously this is dependant on how long the grass is too! The plus side to being smaller (although it does still have a reasonable 30L capacity!) is that it does keep the mower light (our old one would sometimes go off-balance as the box filled up) and it's also easier to empty. Not just because it's lighter, but also because the emptying compartment is narrow enough to perfectly into a rubble bag without spilling the grass everywhere, which was greatly appreciated I can tell you! The only improvement I'd have to liked to see, is some kind of indication to when the grass box is full. Our old mower had a little flap that poked up with restricted airflow. This one doesn't have anything so you do have to be "on it" yourself as to when you need to empty the box.

using a cordless lawnmower

For the first mow of the season, it's always best to set the mower to its highest cut before working your way down, making sure never to cut the grass more than half its height. Obviously our first cut was set at the highest cut, but the mover can in fact cut at 5 different varying heights from 65-25mm, which is perfect for different times of the year. Although I like my grass short, in summer when there's less rain it's important not to go too short in case of scorching the grass, so it's always good to have that option. The mower also uses a proper metal blade (opposed to plastic ones) which Grant was very much pleased about it. It means it can be sharpened without having to buy a new one, should it blunt over the years.

how to change cutting heights on mower

In terms of how the mower actually cuts, I was really quite impressed. It definitely mows closer to any walls/obstructions than our old one and it's much much quieter too. It's so easy to manoeuvre and it still leaves the 'mowing lines' which I personally really like to see. It doesn't however have a built-in roller, so if you like your grass flattened, you would have to do that separately. But in my experience of built-in rollers, they're usually plastic and not that great anyway.

I probably wouldn't recommend this mower if you have a very very big garden (in which case, get yourself a ride-on-mower already!) but for an average-sized garden, it's fab and it really does make mowing the lawn so much quicker and easier to do. There's no folding up the cord, stopping/starting to move the cord, faffing about with an oversized grass box (and grass going everywhere!) and you don't have to struggle getting it in/out of storage. Basically, it just makes life that little bit easier.

flymo mighti mo 300 review in use

Here's some photos of our garden after its second cut this year (I was keen to get it shorter pretty fast!). You can see our garden does still need a bit of work but it's certainly looking bright and Spring green already! Doesn't a freshly mowed lawn just make so much difference?

before and after first mow of the season
cutting grass with mighti-mo 300
mighti-mo 300 review

To summarise everything up, incase you're a TLDR ("too long, didn't read") kinda person:


  • Cordless - No need to wrestle with a cable, need I say more?
  • Lightweight - Easy to lift and manouvre
  • Compact - Small in size, folds up and takes less room to store
  • Goes the Dinstance - Despite being cordless & compact, battery life still cuts up to a tennis court sized garden!
  • Battery charges fast
  • Proper metal blade


  • No indication when the grass box is full.
  • Does not have any kind of roller, if that's something which is important to you.
  • May not be ideal for very large plots of land above the size of a tennis court.

compact lawnmower for small storage spaces

If you can't already tell, my overall verdict is that it's a bloomin' great mower. It's certainly not the cheapest of mowers on the market (retails around £199), but I believe a mower is an investment and buying a good one will last for many many years. I loved not having to battle with a cord and it really makes an everyday chore quick and simple and leaves you really no excuse to not get the job done! I genuinely think cordless is the future for all things electrical, but this one is a practicality miracle that makes you wonder "why aren't ALL mowers like this?!". If you'd like to see more of its specs - you can check the mower out on Amazon here.

Do you have a cordless mower and love it as much as I do? Or maybe you have some first-cut of the season tips to share? I'm a keen gardener always looking for some much-needed advice!

*Lawnmower was gifted by Flymo for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are genuine and my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that support this blog!


  1. Near the end when you wrote 'It's certainly a cheap mower'... did you mean it's certainly not a CHEAP mower?

  2. I loved the way you started the blog..spring is my favorite season as well. Thanks for sharing your idea.

  3. Technology make everything simple and easy, having such technology not only helps to make outdoor garden space beautiful, but also spending and doing little garden work makes to offer a healthy lifestyle as it automatically helps to involve in exercises.

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