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A Rather Large Lighting Haul

lights4fun haul

My name's Kerry and I have an obsession with fairy lights. Ever since purchasing some net fairy lights for the garden of our last house, I can't help but want twinkling gorgeous fairy lights everywhere. Indoors, outdoors, if I had it my way it would constantly look like Christmas in this house.

Living in a building site means we don't really get to have nice stuff around the house. All our nice things are hidden away in boxes, safely away from the dust. But fairy lights are just the perfect and most easiest way to make a room feel a little more homely and they can't get ruined by dust! I purchased some yellow cotton ball fairy lights from Thailand last year and they've really brightened up my office space and added some much needed colour to the room. I loved them so much, I bought another set again this year. Seriously though - can you resist when they're less than £2?! Go get yourself to Thailand and thank me later.

yellow cotton ball fairy lights grey and white cotton ball fairy lights

One of my favourite and most visited websites, is Lights4Fun. I'm completely addicted. I purchased our garden net lights from here almost four years ago and ever since, I've been hooked. Their collection of fairy lights gets bigger and better every year and I'm forever on their site perusing new additions. Last year I purchased some Chinese lanterns and colour changing stake lights for the garden, and so this year, I couldn't help but buy yet another entire basket of stuff.

purchases from lights4fun

Their stuff is so affordable and great quality too! And I wouldn't be a very good home blogger if I didn't share/show off my most recent purchases now would I? ;)

Copper Fairy Lights

I've been after some copper fairy lights for aaaages. These tiny lights are on a really thin length of copper wire which I think makes them so much more attractive than your average fairy light. Not to mention copper is rather on trend right now! These are perfect for bowls or vases and the copper can be really easily bent and shaped too, so you can really get the look you're after. I intend on using these in the victorian fireplace of my office with some faux candles to make a real feature of the dark space. 

copper fairy lights haul

Garden Spot Lights

Can you ever have enough lights in the garden? I absolutely love this duo of solar spotlights which I purchased to shine up the new bamboo planter. They're not very bright and they definitely don't light up the area around, but I quite like their subtleness and I think this makes them perfect for shining directly upwards underneath the bamboo. After all, anything too bright and pointing upwards would just blind you. I love the way it illuminates the bamboo in the darkness and it looks beautiful from indoors too.

solar garden spot light from lights4fun
garden spotlight under bamboo

Festoon Lights

Festoon lights are all the rage at the moment! Who doesn't have them?! I purchased these to go in the conservatory and they will also act as the room's main lighting. They do have little hooks on the lights to hang them from, but I found that hanging these in such a hot room was causing the plastic to expand and the hooks were popping off causing the lights to fall. Annoyingly it did smash one of the bulbs - so if you do hang these in a hot room, don't use the plastic hooks on the lights! Lights4Fun were kind enough to replace, but I haven't yet gotten around to rehanging them a different way. I still love them and I'd love to have some of these for outside the conservatory too so that when the doors are open in summer, the two rooms combine together and appear almost like one space.

warm white festoon lights
lights4fun festoon lights
festoon lights in conservatory

Star Lights

I hadn't really intended on buying these, but I couldn't resist when they were just a couple of pounds in the sale. You've probably already seen where I've hung these on the DIY Wire Grid Tutorial. They're battery operated so perfect for this space although I'm sure I'll end up moving them around eventually! They were a bit of an impulse buy.

wicker star fairy lights
fairy lights on wire grid memo board

Security Light

I did also make one last purchase which isn't from Lights4Fun (although they do have a very similar product themselves, but a little too steep in price for my wallet!). This is a solar security light that claims to work even in winter! I'll be doing a full review soon, but this was just £20 from the Solar Centre and it's really helped us keep an eye on the dogs in the garden when it's dark. 

solar security light

Are you as obsessed with fairy lights as much as I am? And do you have any recommendations for any other great fairy light shops?!

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