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How to Seal Holes in Plant Pots

How to Seal Holes in Plant Pots

I have a small obsession with plants - I just can't stop buying them. One of the things I love most about our garden is the variety of mature flowers and plants, but our house is the total opposite and has been lacking plant life for such a long time. I've been slowly building up our indoor garden with array of colours, sizes and smells. Plants aren't that cheap, but what's more neither are pots. I'm particularly fussy when it comes to plant pots, I don't like anything too plain or boring. I find indoor plant pots often very limited in choice and you always have to check exterior plant pots to see if they have a drainage hole - if they do, you need a matching saucer and before you know it, you've spent even more money.

About a month ago I stumbled across some lovely little plant pots in TK Maxx. I really wanted to buy them all - problem was, they were outdoor pots. They had that hole. I picked one up anyway determined I could find a way to plug it.

Concrete Effect Plant Pot
How to Fill Holes in a Plant Pot
Plugging a Hole in a Plant Pot

You Will Need:

  • Sealant
  • Caulk Gun
  • Tape

Step 1

Place tape over the bottom of the hole, when it comes to filling the hole, this will ensure nothing will splurge out on the other side. You really don't want that, otherwise your plant pot wont sit flush to the floor.

How to Cover a Drainage hole in a plant pot

Step 2

Apply sealant. What's so great about sealant is that its completely waterproof. We use it to seal shower trays, around waste pipes, anywhere we don't want water ingress, so it made perfect sense to use it for this job too. When this pot is filled with water, it needs to be able to retains water with absolutely no leaks. Make sure to apply a real good amount that covers the entire hole, don't worry if it's a little splurged over the hole on the inside.

Using sealant to fill a hole in a plant pot

Step 3

Leave to dry overnight and then peel off the tape on the other side. You should now have a flat blob of sealant just poking through the hole. Add some water into the pot and leave to stand for a few hours, checking back to see if any water has escaped. If it has, you may need to apply more sealant, but if it hasn't then you're ready to fill the pot with soil and your new plant.

Calathea Mix Plant
Spiked Interior Plant Pot

This plant is a Calathea Mix, which I picked up from Homebase. I absolutely love the pink tones on the underside of the leaves and I love that you can turn and position the plant pot in different ways for a totally different look at the plant. The plant pot has a lovely concrete-effect to it, it's a real mix of greys to look real and its even speckled too. And of course, the white triangular spikes are completely up my street!

Calathea Mix Indoor Plant
Calathea Mix Leaves
Calathea Mix in Plant Pot
Calathea Mix with Pink Leaves

Both the plant and pot were £10 each and they now live in my office. Having plants in a work space really helps me to feel more creative and relaxed, but I think I definitely need a few more!

Are you addicted to indoor plants? Let me know if you have any specific plant recommendations!

How to Seal Drainage Holes in Plant Pots


  1. Oooh this was helpful, I just bought many pots with holes and knew there had to be a way to seal the holes, so thanks for that!

  2. Thank you! I googled how to do this and your post came up in the search!

  3. I have the same opinion with the limited selection of decent indoor pots.
    Thanks for sharing.


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