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DIY Star Chalkboard: Wedding Centerpiece

DIY Star Chalkboard

I love a challenge, so when Rustoelum got in touch asking if I'd like to join in with their DIY Wedding centrepiece challenge, I simply couldn't say no.

My ideal wedding style is something a little more rustic than glamorous. I'd have a wedding in an old barn covered in fairy lights, with a real farmhouse rustic feel, so I've made something that I think would fit this kind of style. It's really simple, inexpensive and once your wedding is over, you can still even use this DIY around the house! (Or even give them as gifts!)

You Will Need:

  • Plant Pots
  • Coloured Paint (I've used a Chalky Finish)
  • Flowers
  • Balloons
  • Ribbon/Twine
  • Scrap Piece of Wood
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Pages of a Book/Newspaper
  • Paperclips

Step 1 - Cut Out Star Shaped Wood

How to Cut out a Star in Wood
Star shaped Wood

Using a Christmas decoration as a stencil, I've marked out a star shape onto an old scrap piece of wood. The wood I'm using was actually an old table top left by the previous owner of our home, but you can use any wood for this. I've also made sure to sand any edges that were cut a little rough from cutting with the jigsaw.

Step 2 - Paint in Chalkboard Paint

Star Chalkboard

I've used Rustoleum's chalkboard paint here - it dries super fast and only requires two coats!

Step 3 - Season the Chalkboard

How to Season a Chalkboard

I do this with pretty much with any new chalkboard - it ensures the first time you write on the board wont stain it. You remember being in school and the teacher struggling to completely wipe off yesterdays math equations? Well, the board needed re-seasoning! To do this, all you need to do is cover the whole board in chalk. Rub it in really well and then wipe it off.

Step 4 - Cut Out Star Shapes from Old Book or Newspaper

Star shaped pages

To decorate the centrepiece a little more, I'm cutting out star shaped pages of an old book and then attaching them to twine with some paperclips. These will then be attached to some helium balloons that will sit in the centre of the table.

Step 6 - Paint some Plant Pots

Chalky Finish Paint on Plant Pots

No wedding is complete without some form of flowers. Instead of having a centre bouquet in a beautiful glass vase, I'm opting for some painted plant pots. Not only are these super cheap at just pence each(!) but they can also be dressed up and painted any which way you please. The pots I've purchased also have removable holes, so they're suitable for use as a vase too. I'm using some chalky finish furniture paint, which can actually be used on much more than just wood furniture! I really like the finish of this paint and the chalky feel really suits this rustic piece.

Step 6 - Add flowers and Decorate

DIY Wedding Centerpiece
DIY Wedding Flowers
DIY Wedding Ideas
DIY Wedding Plant Pots
DIY Star Wedding Ideas
DIY Star Chalkboard

Obviously you could use the chalkboard star for all kind of ideas, such as using it to show table names or even a kind of table guest book. Whilst I'm not getting married any time soon, I'll be using this around the house for sure! It's a forever keepsake!

What do you think? What's your kind of wedding style?

*Thank you to Rustoleum for providing products for this DIY - all words, opinions and reviews are my own. :)


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