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DIY: Painting a Doormat

DIY Painting a Doormat

Pre-made beautifully designed doormats can be quite pricey, so making your own is a brilliant inexpensive solution to adding a bit of front door style! You get to come up with your own design and your creations and will be truly bespoke and unique. It's really cheap to do and a lovely little fun summer project!

You Will Need:

How to Make a Custom Doormat

Step 1 - Create an Idea

This is the fun part, but probably also the hardest. I had loads of different ideas for doormats (I think I'll definitely be making another!) but you just need one idea drawn out and perfected that will eventually become a stencil. Remember when designing stencils that certain letters can be difficult to cut out ('O' for example) if not drawn in a certain way. You can of course, go for shapes instead - and your design can be as simple or as complex as you'd like! I've gone for a simple, yet bold and playful 'hey!'.

Step 2 - Draw onto Card

Firstly, you want to cut a bit of card to the same size at the door mat. This will help you draw out your stencil so that it will be in the right position on the doormat when you come to painting it. I've used a chunky permanent marker to do this - it's easy to see on the card and make sure there are no imperfections in your design.

How to Make a Stencil

Step 3 - Cut out Stencil

Using a sharp pen knife, simply cut out around the permanent market to create a stencil. You need to take your time over this step as any jagged or rough edges will show up when painting.

Doormat Stencil Ideas

Step 4 - Spray Paint

Using a flexible fabric spray paint (I've used this one by Rustoleum, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use), hold down the stencil against the doormat and spray away. You don't want to spray too close or heavily or you may have paint bleed through. I asked my lovely boyfriend to hold down the card nice and firm against the mat whilst spraying, just to make sure this didn't happen. You can also weigh the stencil down with objects you don't mind getting a little covered in paint.

Doormat Stencil
Spray Painting a Doormat with Rustoleum

Step 5 - Put to Use!

And you're done! You can now find a nice little spot for your doormat and put it to use wiping some dirty shoes.

DIY Spray Painted Doormat
DIY painted doormat
'Hey' Painted Doormat
Spray Painting a Doormat with Rustoleum Fabric Paint

Do you have an old door mat you'd like to decorate? What kind of design would you go for?

*Paint was kindly provided by Rustoleum for this tutorial, all reviews, words and opinions are my own :)

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