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DIY Wire Grid Memo Board

DIY Wire Grid Memo Board

When I first began planning the smallest bedroom/home office, I pinned a whole load of different images - many of which included a square grid memo board. It was different to any other standard memo board I had come across, it has a slight industrial vibe, yet it was modern and quirky. But where exactly could you find this wire memo board? Well, turns out a few various places online sell it (Not On the High Street is one of them) for a very hefty £50! A price far higher than I was prepared to pay, so I thought I'd have a go at making one instead for a fraction of that price.

You Will Need:

- Galvanised or uPVC Wire Mesh
- Plastic Primer (if using uPVC)
- Spray Paint
- Fixings
- Clips, Pegs, Hooks and things to attach to the board

Rustoleum Spray Paint Ideas

Galvanised or uPVC?

You have two options - either galvanised metal (slightly cheaper) or uPVC. Both are sold in most garden centres and are usually used in the garden, sometimes as support for climbing plants, and sometimes for fencing. Galvanised Metal will be much thinner, you wont need to use a primer on it, you could even used it bare for a more industrial look.

uPVC will need priming for paint to adhere to it, but the thing I liked most about this option was that the wires are much thicker so makes a much greater statement when put up onto the wall. I'm using uPVC, I know the image above makes it look like it's already black, but it's actually a really dark green colour.

Wire Mesh Ideas

Step 1 - Cut to Size

The size panel I picked up was the perfect fit for the space I required, so I didn't need to do this. But, if you're looking for something more square or even more rectanguler you will need to use some wire snips to cut to size.

Step 2 - Prime (if necessary)

If you're going for the bare galvanised metal wire grid then you wont need to do this, but uPVC is notoriously tricky for painting over. Luckily, Rustoleum have the perfect primer specifically for plastic and uPVC. I gave it a good spray on both sides (I don't want that green seeping through!) and left it overnight.

How to Prime uPVC

Step 3 - Spray Paint

The paint I'm using a matt black all-surface spray paint. I didn't want anything glossy like the original uPVC was and I felt black would contrast well against the light grey walls. But you can really go for any kind of colour you want! Spray paint is ideal for this project as it ensures no gloopy paint in the corners and gives it a real perfected finish. This actually took a whole bottle of spray paint to ensure a good coverage on both sides. Again, I left to dry overnight.

Spray Painting uPVC

Step 4 - Fix to the Wall

Finally, to attach the wire mesh to the wall I'm using some coach screws. These give a far more decorative finish than regular screws, but I did also consider mirror pins screws and other industrial fittings. DIY stores have plenty to choose from!

Coach Screws on Wall

Step 5 - Hang!

The best and final part - hanging bits and bobs up! I've used a combination of document clips, binder clips and paper clips. I've hung up a couple of little artwork pieces as well as some essential desk items, my camera (I'm always losing it!), and some star fairy lights I picked up from Lights4Fun. I think they add a bit of a softer touch and I've been waiting for the perfect place to locate these for a while.

DIY Wire Mesh Memo Board
Create your own wire memo board
Wire Memo Board
Hanging Tape on Memo Board
Craft Memo Wall
How to Make a Wire Memo Board

The total cost of this DIY is less than £20 and I'm absolutely thrilled to bits with it. The primer from  Rustoleum really hardens the uPVC ready for spray painting and I even tested to see how scratch-proof the paint was and it really did seem to be resilient! I think this wire grid memo board will hopefully keep me a little bit more organised and I think it adds a real fun little feature to this wall!

I'm pretty chuffed with it! What do you think?

*Thank you to Rustoleum for providing products for this DIY - all words, opinions and reviews are my own. :)

How to Make a Wire Grid Memo Board


  1. That looks great - and like you say simple and cheap but effective. #homeinterest

  2. That's beautidul, looking forward to create one myself. Just one question, what are the dimensions of your board? Would be great to get an idea on how big it actually is.

    1. It's around 90cm wide by 60cm high! Quite large, but it can be easily cut down with tin snips if you're after something smaller :)


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