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A Quick Look at the New Office

Modern Minimalist Home Office

This room isn't quite picture-perfect ready yet, but as our home renovations are truly endless, it's hard to budget money towards the finishing touches and as such, our 'finished' rooms end up being somewhat sparse and actually quite unfinished for quite some time. This room is certainly going to be no exception. Whilst I have no plans to be buying large expensive pieces of furniture in here anyway, looking for true bargains takes time and patience. But I can't leave you waiting months on end for a finished look now, can I?!

Of course not. A few of the jobs in here left to complete, include restoring and fitting the fireplace, transforming the old 'wardrobe and generally a few other little jobs here and there. But sadly these things are going to have to wait for now as our monthly renovation budgets have already been prioritised to be spent elsewhere. Luckily with the January sale earlier last month, I've managed to pick up a couple of little bits to fill this room (and fished a few pieces out from storage too!) so it's not looking too horrendously empty or unfinished.

So, here's a quick look at our new home office....

Modern Monochrome Office Desk

Eames Ribbed Style Chair

Eames Chair with fur cushion

monochrome plant pot

magazine storage basket in office

I bought the desk from eBay last year for just £5! Can you believe that, what a bargain! It's not particularly trendy or amazing in any sense, but it does serve its purpose and actually.. it's not too ugly either. The grey matches the room at very least! The monochrome plant pot was a recent purchase at a local home store for just £6 (half price) and the plant was a gift from a friend.... It's meant to be an orchid, but the flowers died so it's not quite recognisable! The pen holder is another purchase from the same home store for just £1 and the wire document basket is from a local antiques centre (you can read about my trip here) for just £4.

My most favourite purchase for this room so far, is the new chair. It's from Direct Home Living which I'd had sat in my 'favourites' for about six months before buying. I wanted an Eames style chair and I adore this one as it's a little bit different to the usual style; it's more curvy and it's also ribbed which I like too. But at £40 (plus £9 postage!) it wasn't the cheapest compared to some original style Eames chairs I had found elsewhere. However after MUCH debating with myself whether I could possibly allow myself the chair I actually wanted (rather than the compromised cheaper versions) I decided to go ahead and treat myself and I am so glad I did. I LOVE IT. My previous 'chair' before was actually a DIY took box which meant I had nothing to lean against and boy, did it drive me crazy. My new chair is much much comfier and I've paired it with a faux fur cushion which was half-price at £12.50, also from our local home store: Downtown

piggy bag in office

yellow cotton ball fairy lights

As for the other side of the room, it's currently being used as a bit of a chill zone. We've moved the piggy bag I bought from last year (£59 at the time) up here to make more room in the lounge and it actually makes the perfect little reading/chillaxing/napping area up here. This giant bean bag is ridiculously comfy, I love the pattern and I really really want to buy more, I'm just not sure where to keep them all?! 

My cotton ball fairy lights are finally in use after being in storage since returning from Thailand last year. These were under £2 can you believe? Of course they do have an Asian plug and require an adapter but so so worth it. I wish I had the suitcase room to have picked up more. I know they're a little mis-placed currently, but hey - at least they're out from their cobwebby storage corner! Small steps...

And what's a chill area with out a coffee machine, I ask? Well this Nespresso is being safely stored in this dust-free zone where it can still be used (although I have to lug milk up and down the stairs all day) whilst the rest of the house is turned into chaos. It won't be in here forever, but for now I'm enjoying the coffee smells as they fill this room. Ah, coffee.

unfinished victorian fireplace

cornforth white in office

old wardrobe in need of transformation

And of course, the unfinished business. Elsewhere in this room, we have an unfinished fireplace, a stack of documents waiting for a better and more appropriate storage solution and the grubby boring in-need of serious updating 'wardrobe' which actually houses all our water tanks. Not to mention the door that needs re-hinging to open the opposite way with a serious new paint job too, oh and the dated grandma blind needs swapping as well.

But for now - there we have it, my new home office. It has a long way to go and is most definitely rocking the minimalist look right now, but I'm loving the modern touch it's bringing to the house, it just needs a little bit more personality.

What do you think so far?

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  1. Love that bean bag - it's a great pattern. And such a beautiful fireplace too - will be fabulous once it's had some love. #homeinterest


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