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Installing the Shower & Enclosure

This post marks the end of our bathroom renovation. Everything else that's left to do in this room is purely decorative. The only largish (not large at all) jobs include re-hanging the door and boxing up the open stud wall, where we hope to build a hidden cupboard. But really, the bathroom is now pretty much complete. I'd say at least 97% complete.

It feels slightly weird to have almost finished an entire room. I felt like this day would never come and it has! I'm so thrilled to have a nice, new, relaxing, pretty room in this house. When you live in the same home that you're renovating, you really need that. Just one little nice area to get away from it all. We've been living here 15months now and we only just have that. And I'm so glad about it.

Anyway, I'm delighted to share with you the newly fitted shower enclosure. It was somewhat awkward to photograph with so much reflective glass, but I hope this shows it off to it's full beauty:

Since we had recently put up a shower enclosure for Grant's mum, we already knew what we were doing, so it was much quicker, simpler and easier. Plus, since ours doesn't have a door, it was far less tricky. The shower enclosure is one of the curved walk-in enclosures from Victoria Plum which we had bought nearly 12 months ago. I have to say, I'm so relieved it's finally fitted to the wall and I don't have to worry about it being knocked over by crazy nuisance dogs! Drilling through the marble tiles was easier than expected as well. I might do a separate post on that at some point, but we had zero cracking! Success! The only small negative to this enclosure is that the tray is made from acrylic as opposed to stone. This means it's quite a bit creaky and a little bouncy too. Not a huge deal, just niggling things that you might want to consider before choosing between the two.

We had the electrician come to wire in the electric shower whilst also fitting the new consumer unit. If you remember by top 5 stylish electric showers post then you'll recognise the one we went for! This is the Mira Azora, my favourite of the bunch. I looove the glass front on it. The blue frosting also fits in so well with the panelled walls. The shower head is just luxury in every possible way. I love it. I'll do a proper review on it once we've had it a little longer, so I can get a proper feel for it. But so far, I'm loving it!

Did I mention that I LOVE it? The bathroom is finally looking pretty darn complete. I can finally begin shopping for new towels, a mirror, and some shutters for the window. Actually, I've had to use a make-shift blind out of cardboard since our window isn't frosted... Definitely don't want spying neighbours whilst I'm in the shower! Oh dear.

Definitely one for the to-do list. Anyway, I'll do a proper 'reveal' post once it's kitted out in furnishings, but here's how the bathroom's looking right now..

Yep, we've moved in and I've already claimed all three storage shelves ;) Beyond excited!


(rounded to the nearest pound)

New Tools Purchased:

Materials Used:
Shower Enclosure & Tray £183
Electric Shower £250
Caulk £6

Total: £439

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