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Surprise Bathroom Makeover: Day 5 - Semi-Completion!

The big question is - did we get the bathroom completed on time?! No, no we did not. Five days just wasn't enough time. BUT, we did get pretty much near-to-completion so I'm still calling that a success! We have a few things left to finish off, so I'll do another completion post when everything is completely ticked off the list - but for now, semi-completion:

Surprise Bathroom Makeover

So, the big job of the final day was to fit the shower enclosure which was far more complex than we had imagined and took the majority of the day. We had a few other little things to complete - painting, fitting a blind, a little bit of grouting still left to do and of course adding sealant here there and EVERYWHERE. Oh and the electrician needed to return to fit the fan. Plenty to get done! Whilst we waited for the electrician, I made quick work of painting the door and the window. I already had some white paint left from when we painted our own window frame, so I used this again. The door took four coats to get rid of the ugly mahogany varnish it had been rocking for the last thirty odd years.

White Bathroom Door

The electrician arrived to wire up the new fan. I went for a nice chrome one which I think fits in perfectly. I hate plastic. I also fitted the new blind which I purchased from the John Lewis clearance. I freaking love it and wish I had picked one up for myself!! We used blinds from John Lewis in our last house, so I knew it would be great quality and so easy to fit too.

Grey Blind in Bathroom

Then finally we fitted the shower enclosure, along with the stem for the shower head. The new shower looks awesomely contemporary! You may recognise it from my Top 5 Stylish electric showers post! At just £130 (on offer at the time!) this was a TOTAL bargain! I'm told the giant shower head is amazingly luxurious too! All round success!

Wickes Hydro Touch Electric Shower

Wickes Hydro Touch Electric Shower in Enclosure

The whole bathroom suite (shower enclosure, basin unit, taps, toilet etc) were all from Victoria Plum. We had a couple of issues in the beginning with them not dispatching our order, but we had also used them on our own bathroom renovation so again I knew the quality would be superb - and I wasn't wrong! I am IN LOVE with their new basin unit and tap. The tap is the gorgeous waterfall kind, I really wish we had this whole combo in our bathroom!

Victoria Plum Vanity Unit

Waterfall Mixer Tap

I think the vanity unit will help them store away some of their toiletries and be a little less cluttered ;) Or at least, I hope! The toilet also features a soft-close lid, which I also think is equally jazzy and awesome. The only area of the bathroom I'm a little disappointed with is some of the tiling - particularly around the pipe-boxing area! I completely admit it was a bit of a rush job to get complete on time, plus the sloping floor didn't exactly help matters! I also think the vanity unit looks a little 'squished' so tightly up against the boxing. BUT, this was completely necessary as the pipes go directly through the right-hand side of the unit.

Victoria Plum bathroom

So what's left to finish, I hear you ask?

Surprise Bathroom

Surprise Bathroom Renovation

The towel radiator needs installing and yep, that hideous floor needs to go too. We already have everything purchased, so I guess it'll just be a job for another week! I'll bring you some more updates soon!

As a quick reminder, here's what the bathroom looked like 5 days ago:

Before and After Bathroom Renovation

A definite transformation!


(rounded to the nearest pound)

Bathroom Suite
Shower Enclosure, Tray, Basin, Toilet, Taps, Waste Kits £555

Electric Shower Unit £130

Extractor Fan £25

Paid to electrician £120

Building Materials
Aqua Panels, Tile Backing Boards, (not yet fitted) Floorboards, Timber, Screws £123

Paint £22

Wall and Floor Tiles (floor not yet fitted) £100

Adhesive, Grout and Tile Trims £68

Other: Pipe Fittings, Sealant, Ceramic Drill Bits, Tools £75

Towel Rail and Valves (not yet fitted) £44

Blind, Light-Pull, Light Fitting £65

TOTAL: £1327

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