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Smallest Bedroom Plans

As the bathroom is nearing completion (seriously, it's nearly completed!) I've began to Pinterest and dream of our next renovation project: the smallest bedroom.

This room is directly adjacent to the bathroom and is very similar in size. It has a few little niggling issues - there are water pipes running through this room which are currently above the floorboards and boxed in underneath the window. Y'all know I hate pipes on show, even if they're boxed in. And this room also houses the water tanks, which isn't exactly the ideal location, given that it's a bedroom.  We'll hopefully be able to move the re-locate the pipes, but the water tanks are stuck in the cupboard for now.

The main purpose of this room is to eventually become a guest bedroom, but for the foreseeable future it will also be my workspace and it's also going to become our temporary bedroom (once completed) whilst we carry out renovations in the master bedroom. So this room really has a lot of requirements all at once!

So, here's what I'm envisioning:

Guest Bed Made from Pallets

A bed made from pallets. I have a new-found-love for all things pallet created and I'm itching to create something else, so what better than a guest bed?! Ideally I'd like it resemble more of a sofa-bed as this would be pretty ideal for my workspace requirements too!

Up-cycled Bedside Table

I currently have a side-table that I've been saving specifically for this room. I hope to paint it grey with a little feature for its new top.


This area needs to be clean, calm and busy-free as I tend to make a lot of my own mess. I'm thinking some kind of pin-board for all my many many notes and "do not forget" lists, that I tend to lose. A new Eames chair would be dreamy - my current chair situation is a DIY toolbox with a cushion laid on top. Oh yes, it really is.

Electric Radiator

You might have noticed this room has no radiator - not that it matters anyway, when the boiler is out-of-bounds! Since our heating situation isn't going to be fixed any time soon, it would be pointless installing a central heating radiator at this moment in time. So, we're going to add an energy saving electric radiator option instead, like the ones I mentioned in this post. 

More Plug Sockets!

This room currently just has the one plug outlet. ONE! It's 2015 I tell you, this just won't do! More plug outlets is an absolute must!

Re-position the Ceiling Light

Why anyone thought putting the ceiling light in the corner of the room was ever a good idea, I don't know. This room also has a light-pull instead of a wall switch, so this too needs swapping.

Possible Fitted Wardrobes

Not entirely sure about this one just yet - but maybe fitting some wardrobes into the alcove on the empty side of the chimney breast.

Neutrals and Bright Colours

I'd like the walls in here to be pretty neutral, but funk up the room with heaps of brightly coloured accessories. I already have some yellow cotton fairy lights and an elephant cushion which I brought back from Thailand, but a fun stripey rug and bold lampshade would also add some much needed colour!

As it's quite a small room, we don't want too much going on - but enough to feel homely and cosy! My Pinterest board should hopefully add some visual images to what I'm hoping for:

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And as always, I've created a little layout plan board too -

I think we're about a little over a month away from starting this room.. As it's going to be much less costly than the bathroom, we're hoping for a pretty quick turn-around.... famous last words.

Are you planning any new redecorating/renovations this Autumn?

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