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Panelling in the Bathroom

Back to updates of our own bathroom renovation - I am so pleased to say, we are literally days away from 95% completion!! There's always a few little niggly things that still need finishing - but the bathroom is now is a very-near state of COMPLETE usability! Can you believe it has taken this long?! 

This update is all about the panelling! My decision for panelling was purely decorative. It was the style bathroom I was after - and whilst it was an additional (and kind of unnecessary) cost, I was happy to spend the money!

This was such an easy DIY to do - each panel is tongue and groove and basically slots into the next one. I attached them to the wall simply by the power of grab adhesive! It took barely an hour to get most of the panels up! The only tricky part was cutting around the toilet pipes and cutting the panels lengthways at the corners. Since our house is old and none of the walls are perfect, this meant cutting the panels in weird diagonal lines, which isn't easy to achieve when you just have a handsaw. So hide my dodgy cuts, I added some corner beads to each corner.

Panelling in the Bathroom

DIY How to use Panelling
To finish off the panelling, I purchased some dado rails and some skirting board. I'd read a few DIY-tutorial guides via B&Q and Homebase, which both suggested using dado rails; however, I came to learn that they were much thinner than the panels, so they didn't butt up together properly.

Annoying-ly, I had already cut the dado rail to size and since I'd purchased a 4-pack I couldn't return them! I guess I'll just have to find a use for them elsewhere in the house. So, instead I went back out and checked what mouldings Wickes had to offer. I found the perfect solution which had a lip cut out at the bottom, which meant it could sit perfectly on top of the panelling. At £7.99 a length, these were much pricier than dado rails, but well worth it, since it looks MUCH better.

Dado Rail for Panelling

Room with Panels in Bathroom

DIY Panelling

The skirting boards were a slight pain to cut since our mitre box wasn't quite deep enough for them, so it was a bit of a winging-it cut. Luckily they didn't turn out so bad.. with the help of a bit of caulk and filler at least ;) What I would give for an electronic mitre saw!

As for paint, I used 'Skylight' in Eggshell by Farrow and Ball. I freaking love it!

Farrow and Ball Panelling

Skylight Painted Panelling

Panelling in Bathroom

I think panelling really adds a bit of luxury and sophistication to this room. I'm so glad I went for it! What do you think to panelling in a bathroom?


(rounded to the nearest pound)

New Tools Purchased:

Materials Used:
9x Packs of Panelling £55
Grab Adhesive £12
Caulk £2
Skirting Board £22
Mouldings & Corner Beads £27

Total: £118

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