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Furniture Upycling with Rustoleum Chalk Paint

Since we moved to the new house last year, I've been hoarding some old furniture (lots of furniture) ready for an upcycling project. I was given an entire furniture set (coffee table, TV stand, nest of tables, side tables and even a rug!) from a friend's mum who had a garage load of her late Grandma's furniture which nobody else in the family had wanted. She begged me to take it from her, so that she could have her garage back for its proper use. I was somewhat surprised as lots of the pieces were really good quality! She wouldn't accept my money, so I sent her the biggest bunch of flowers instead. Seriously blown away with kindness! Since then, my house has been full of awesome but dated furniture.

Some of the furniture is already in good use throughout the house (although not yet upcycled) but some of it had just been sitting around doing nothing with absolutely no purpose. I thought it was about time I began to upcycle and start making use of some of this awesome furniture!

Cherry Wood Furniture Upcycling

This side-table is made from solid wood, amazing quality and was so well-kept - there wasn't a single scratch on it! The dark mahogony wood however, wasn't quite to my tasting so I wanted to brighten it up a little and make it a little more modern and contemporary. For this project, I used some chalky finish furniture paint from Rustoleum with a furniture finishing wax over the top.

Rustoleum Furniture Paint

Since owning this piece of furniture for over a year, it had inevitably received a few little nicks here and there from having tools stored on top of it (I know, I'm terrible!) so I decided to give it a quick sand down to try and remove these little nicks. One of the great things about this paint is that you don't actually need to sand down the furniture in order for the paint to adhere properly. How great is that?!

Upcycling a Side Table

I've never used a chalk paint before so wasn't quite sure what to expect. It's a surprisingly thick formulation and the coverage is exceptional. Since it's so thick it actually masks any little imperfections really well anyway - so in the end, I really didn't need to have sanded the table! The paint is very matt and as the name suggests, it has a very much chalky finish. After just one coat it was already looking noticeably covered!

Winter Grey Rustoleum

I only needed two coats with a quick sand between each coat before it was looking pretty much finished! The colour here is Winter Grey, which is a very light grey. Upon the first coat it did look very much white-ish with hints of grey, but was noticeably more grey after the second coat.

Sanding Chalk Paint

I wanted to do a bit of a feature on the top of the table, so using masking tape I created a kind of geometric inspired pattern before painting again in the colour Chalk White.

Creating a Feature Top for Table

Geometric Feature top on Table

I then pealed the masking tape away and used the finishing wax over the top. This stuff is a very thick wax that kind of 'melts' on application. I've used a similar wax for kitchen worktops before, but this was much easier to apply as it softens much easier and generally spreads better. I used just a regular cloth to do this and you can see how it changes the colour of the paint slightly as well as adding a bit of a more sheen finish.

Furniture Finishing Wax

Finishing Wax on Table

I used just one coat on the majority of the table, with two coats on the top and also on the bottom shelf as these will get the most use and need the most protection. This stuff by the way, is water repellent and helps to prevent scratches too. I had decided to keep the same handle on the drawer as I did quite like it, however I'm not entirely convinced it fits in with the new paint job now that it's done. What do you think? I may swap this at a later date.

Upcycling an Old Side Table with Feature Top

Rustoleum Upcycling Project

Side Table Upcycling with Chalk Paint

Geometric Feature Table Top

I absolutely love the new feature top! I think the white also helps to bring out the grey too. I'm not quite sure where this piece is going to live in the house - perhaps the smallest bedroom once it's undergone renovation. But I absolutely love it! It's modern, unique and a little bit quirky too. I'm definitely excited to try out more colours and other little ideas I have for the rest of the furniture set!

Do you have any up cycling projects planned?

 *Disclaimer: I was sent products by Rustoleum for the purpose of this post, however I only recommend products I would personally use and can genuinely recommend!


  1. It looks fab, I love Geometric styles. I think the handle works but would also look great with a nice large knob xx

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Your blog is amazing! I'm in the process of upcycling some furniture for our home. My husband's a Carpenter so I'm using scrap and offcuts to make a coffee table at the moment... with hairpin legs!!! They look amazing but I think I'm being very ambitious. Xx

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  5. Love what you're doing here folks, keep it up!.. re-purposing


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