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DIY Projects
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Jazzing Up the Window!

Things are beginning to shape up in the bathroom! This big old ugly window has been screaming out for a face-lift since we began renovating in the bathroom.. And it's finally happened!

The previous architraves on the window were plastic-y, huge and very out-of-place. All the other windows in the house (bar one) have the original decorative architrave, but for whatever reason, this one had a big old ugly replacement that just wasn't fitting for the period of house. So we planned to change that! I found some 'Ogee architrave' from Wickes that was a perfect match against our the other windows, except that I opted for a slightly wider version to cover that huge ugly gap around the window.

I bought a brand new saw for the job and used a mitre box to cut the architrave to size. We didn't actually have one of these when we renovated our last house and oh my goodness they are a MUST. I've already used it for heaps of projects, but this was the first time I've used it for an angle. It was perfect first time. Success!

I then used a strong grip fast drying glue to attach the architrave to the wall. Annoyingly, the walls (which are still original) aren't exactly straight and square, which meant there was a huge gap behind the architrave. I filled this out with some filler, which is my go-to-solution for almost all DIY problems, ha! Anyway, it looks pretty good - You'd never even know!

I decided when we finished renovating our last house that I was never going to use gloss paint ever again (if I could help it, at least!) - It's just nasty nasty stuff. Takes forever to dry, an absolute nightmare to clean if it drips, if you don't apply it perfectly it looks awful and on top of all that, it destroys paint brushes. So this house is going to be gloss-free and instead I'm using an eggshell paint - this one is  another water-based paint by Laura Ashley in the colour White.

A few coats later and it looks so much better! I am feeeeeling the room come together! We've also installed some other small finishes: the end grill for the extractor fan, and the light pull fixture which I purchased from eBay aaages ago!

Little things, but a huge impact in the room! I am so ready for my new bathroom!

Total Costs

New Tools Purchased:
Saw £7

Materials Used:
Architrave £11
Paint (not that I used it all!) £13
Glue £3
Filler £3

Total: £37

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