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Design Inspiration for Rooms with Roof Windows

Design Inspiration for Rooms with Roof Windows

We still have lots of changes to make throughout the house, but one of the biggest changes we're currently saving for (amongst a few others) is installing roof windows. Roof windows are a great way to turn a dark space into a natural light-filled usable room! They basically make loft conversions possible. We already have one roof window in the attic space that needs replacing but we'd also like to add a second window up there, as well as installing a couple of new roof windows in the kitchen.

I was asked by Ashbrook Roofing to display my plans for styling the rooms in our house that have/will have roof windows. And if there's something I love doing: it's pinterest-ing! If you haven't heard of Ashbrook Roofing before - they offer great value supplies on all things roof related, including the velux roof windows that we're currently seeking!

So, here's how we're styling up these two rooms:

Inspiration in the Attic

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One of the most unloved and unused rooms in the house is our attic space. I call it a 'space' because it's not quite suitable for use as a bedroom yet. It has a few issues that need sorting out; namely the cracking plaster and the lack of electricity up there, but otherwise it's in for a decorative make-over! Here's what we want to do in this room:

1. Fit a new Velux Window

Actually I'd quite like to fit two! Whilst we already have one, it's still a pretty dark room. I'd love two windows side-by-side filling this room with heaps of natural light. Plus I think having two would make one-heck-of-a-feature!

2. Reading Corner with Fitted Bookshelves

I think roof windows can be such a gorgeous feature in an attic room - so I'd quite like to have a built-in bookcase with a seating area that takes full advantage of the view into the sky. This would be amazing on a clear night! Imagine the meteor showers you'll never miss.

3. Built-in Storage in Eaves

So many attic rooms don't make good use of this empty space. I'd love to have built-in drawers or cabinets for all the things we don't actually need.

4. Fitted Wardrobes

Buying wardrobes to fit a narrow and restricted head-height space in the attic is near-on impossible, so built-in wardrobes are a must up here. Being DIYers of course, we're probably going to be attempting this ourselves - I'm envisioning a super organised space with plenty of room for my many dresses.

5. Exposing the Brick

I'd love a feature brick wall up here. It'd be a great substitute for a bed headboard and will give the room a slightly industrial rustic look! Plus with all the natural light in here, the deep brick colour won't darken the room like it might elsewhere in our house.

Inspiration in the Kitchen

Another place we'd like to add roof windows is in the kitchen extension. It currently has zero windows to the outdoors. Zero. The only window in this room looks into the conservatory - so needless to say, this room is pretty dark. I had never thought about the possibility of installing roof windows in here until a friend suggested it. Like a lightbulb moment, I realised it was a brilliant idea! As the kitchen is only a single-storey extension, it made perfect sense. So ever since, it's been added to the window budget. Roof windows in the kitchen also help with extraction and ventilation whilst cooking too! Bonus.

We're yet to make formal plans on kitchen style, but here's what we know we do want:

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1. Extend into the Bathroom

Currently at the end of our kitchen sits a downstairs bathroom. We plan to get rid of that (we have one upstairs anyway) and extend through to have a bigger and longer kitchen that measures up to the rest of the large rooms in this house.

2. Fit French Doors

Extending into the bathroom will also allow us to fit doors out to the garden. I'd love to be able to cook and be close to the outdoors - with the current problem of having no windows in the kitchen, it can be a real visual bore. So, I'd love some french doors. It'd also be super practical too - I can finally get to the recycling bin without walking all the way around and through the conservatory. Hurray!

3. Install Velux Windows

Since our kitchen is quite long, I don't think french doors alone would bring in enough light to fill this space. Velux roof windows would definitely add the natural light this room needs, plus create an awesome feature! Just look at the photos above! Wow factor for sure. Having roof windows would also help light up the room next-door too, which equally lacks windows.

4. Fit a new updated Galley-Style Kitchen

We're not certain on exact design and style yet (it's still early days) - but a long galley kitchen is for sure. Units either side, with perhaps a bar at the end near the french doors for a gorgeous relaxing view whilst I munch down my cereal.

Do you have any plans to fit roof windows in your house?

*Post in Collaboration with Ashbrook Roofing. All thoughts and opinions are my own. :)

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