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Home Buys from Thailand

My very final post regarding Thailand - What I bought! Other than gifts for family and friends and a few t-shirts for Grant, pretty much everything was home-orientated.. Which has also inspired me for a theme on the smallest spare bedroom! I'm thinking yellow and elephants ;)

We mainly shopped via market stalls in Thailand - Not only is the price of everything there AMAZING but most of it is also hand-made locally, which I love! Everything in this haul cost under 1300 baht in total.. Which is around £25! Serious.Bargains!

So, here's what I bought:


This stuffed elephant is actually quite flat in shape - making it the perfect unique cushion! An absolute bargain at 400 baht, (£7.50) I can't wait to have this on my bed!

The throw could actually be used for a number of things - it's quite thin, so would well as a summer bed throw, a picnic sheet or perhaps even a table cloth! I bought this with the intention of using it in the bedroom, but I may yet change my mind! Only 250 baht (£4.75) - Can you go wrong?


I really wanted to buy some Thai artwork on our travels - there are so many talented street artists and the prices are so affordable! However, it was still slightly out of our tight budget (boo!) - so instead we opted for these mini paintings at 100 baht each (£1.78). Can you tell I have a thing for elephants right now?


Again only 100 baht, I was in love with these from the moment I spotted them. Each one was unique with different markings.. I was very tempted to buy an entire set! I'm not sure what I'll store in it yet.. Oh so many options.


Okay, can you guess the price of these? We can buy them here in the UK for around £25 - Can you guess? 100 baht! .... £1.75! How is this even possible, I ask? Again, I wanted to buy every colour out there.. but my luggage limits (mainly the fact our suitcases were already full!) meant I couldn't. Of course they do require a UK adapter to work.. Which ironically was more expensive than the actual lights.. But these are incredible value! Another spare bedroom idea in the making...


Last year I went to an antiques fair in the UK and picked up a Hawaiian number plate. Ever since then I've been on the hunt for more and was shocked to spot one at a market stall in Thailand! The market vendor wanted 1500 baht (bit ridiculous) but we negotiated down to 300 (around £5) which was the same price I paid for the other two. I now have three and I am LOVING THEM! I particularly like the aged distressed look of the Thai one.

What's your favourite thing you've picked up on holiday?

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