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Looking back at 2014

Can you believe 2014 is almost over? Only a few hours left until we welcome in 2015.. So I thought I would take this moment to look back on 2014 and all the high/low-lights of the year...

1). We ALMOST sold our house three times...
2). A damp surveyor tried to con us...
3). We welcomed a little puppy into our lives...
4). We FINALLY sold our house to the fourth set of buyers!
5). We were temporary 'homeless' for a month, living out of boxes at Grants parents house...
6). We bought our second house, probably the greatest achievement of the year!
7). I discovered a new found love for home shows and local antiques fairs...
8). Grant survived the 'management restructure' at work... I.e wasn't made redundant, thank goodness.
9). I moved onto night shifts at work.. Boo.
10). I started posting on this blog (struggling for a tenth one there!) and started our second home renovation project!

Hello, 2015!

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  1. I've just found your blog and I think it's really inspiring, it will be an honor for me if you can visit mine too, and if you want to follow, it will be a pleasure to follow you back! :) <3

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