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Kids Halloween Party Treats

Halloween is on the way! As I'm off work this week lolling around the house, I was feeling a bit artsy-fartsy and thought I'd do some pointless crafting. I wanted to do something for Halloween and thought these little tin-can sweet pots would be perfect - they don't require much art and they don't cost a bomb to make either. They'd actually be perfect little party 'bags' for a kids party.. hence the title. I'm not a kid, I don't have a kid, but hey, who says adults can't have some child-fun? These would also be fun to make with the kids too so thought I would share...

All you need is...
  • Tin Cans, free with your baked beans
  • Paint, ideally metal paint if you want a proper lasting finish, but as these aren't going to be around forever any paint will do.
  • Crepe Paper
  • Card
  • Straws
  • String/Chord
  • Sweets
...and obviously some tools; paint brushes, scissors, cellotape and a pen. I'm sure we all have these.

Step 1. Paint your tins. Two coats for the base should do, depending on how thin your paint is. In hindsight I would actually draw on the eyes, nose and mouse with a permanent marker next time as I'm not so good with fiddly stuff.

Step 2. Make a handle. As these were for personal use, I just cellotaped it on the inside, however I'd recommend making a hole and tying it through.

Step 3. Fill with crepe paper.

Step 4. Write names on card, cut up and attach to thick coloured straws with cellotape. This will stand nicely in the tin.

Step 5. Fill with spooky sweets!

Voila! Happy Halloween! :)

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