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Grass Growth Update, Day 7.

It's now been an entire week since we sowed the seeds for our new lawn. The bag said it would take 7-10days to start producing a lawn - I wasn't sure whether this meant by 10 days the process would be near completion of a lawn or by 10 days you would begin to see growth appearing. Clearly it was the latter, and here we are at 7 days making pretty good process - there's definitely grass!

When you're waiting for things to grow, it can seem like it takes forever. Over the first few days nothing happened and I began worrying that it had all gone wrong, especially with all this summer weather. By about day 3 I found our first tiny little shoot, however because it was the only one I found, I wasn't too sure whether it was the beginning of a weed. - Because of the fertiliser in the ground, weeds are more likely to pop up, and faster too, so we did have a bit of these going on...

We will be de-weeding as the grass grows, however at this stage, the grass still can't be walked on, so that makes de-weeding pretty tricky at the moment. By day 5 I saw patches of tiiiny shoots, and by day 7 I walked outside and you could visibly see all these patches without getting close - you can now tell that there was a definite amount of grass across the lawn. The ground which used to look brown now looks kind-of yellowy green.

I'm not sure why it's so patchy at this stage, I guess it could be a number of things... Too many seeds, too little seeds, too much sun, not enough water, not enough light. But for some areas my initial reasons were that there's too much gravel in the soil. I look at some of the areas now thinking I need to remove some of those large stones... But of course I don't want to step into the grass-growing area just yet, so we'll have to deal with the patchy-ness at a later date.

To recap;

Days 1-3 No growth
Day 3 - Found one tiny shoot
Day 5 - Patches of tiny shoots
Day 7 - Could visibly see grass patches from a distance.

 (Day 1)

(Day 3)

(Day 5) 

(Day 7)

So at this stage I guess we should be thinking about which lawnmower to buy. Of course it's far too early for these grass shoots to be cut, but it doesn't hurt to forward plan right?

Oh and one last final thing, you remember that extra-huge spikey plant.... well, it's flowering! This was far from expected. I don't know whether this will turn into an actual flower, but I swear it literally popped up overnight one day. Craaaazy. If only I knew what kind of plant this was! Googling 'spikey plant' does not give me the answers I require.

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