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Our Retro Home

Welcome to our retro home! Five days ago we bought this 3-bed Victorian Terrace whose former owner lived here for over 60 years! That's pretty hard for me to even imagine, but the lady who lived here must have simply loved the house to have stayed for so long (and I can see why!).

She has now moved into a nursing home, so I can only imagine how strange that must be, to change up your life after 60 years of one home. But I take my hat off (if I was wearing one, perhaps sunglasses will do?) to this lady. 60 years of upkeep on this old home, and I must say she's done a good job!

Whilst the carpets are clearly old, they're strangely in remarkable condition! The wallpaper is pristine too, not a tear in sight. The whole layout of the house has been unaltered (other than the addition of a downstairs bathroom) and there's even an original meat cupboard in the basement, and in pretty good knick!

So moving into this house has literally been like stepping back in time. So, I thought I'd show you around a little, starting with some of my fave retro quirks...

retro textured wallpaper

This wallpaper makes your eyes go crazy when you look at it for too long!

retro red swirled carpet

Retro carpet no.1.

polystyrene ceiling tiles in retro home

Ceiling panels - quite the eye-sore.

cream and red floral vintage curtain fabric

Curtain fabric. I actually quite like these...

red floral retro carpet

Retro carpet no.2.

old 80s fireplace with retro carpet

Fireplace no.1.

60s glowworm back boiler

Fireplace no.2. - This actually houses a back-boiler... More on that later.

And that's it! Watch this space for renovating to begin real soon!

1 comment

  1. definitely stepping back in time with these fabrics and decore and looks a fantastic renovation project BUT would not move into house with those polystyrene ceiling panels in place. Lethal fire risk. Get rid immediately. like your blog btw


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