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Farewell Home, Hello Homeless.

The day finally came for us to say farewell to our first beloved little home. It was a day of mixed feelings really. We'd been anticipating and looking forward this day for so long but when it came and we realised this is where our journey as homeowners ends, for the time being, I felt slightly sad to say goodbye.

I suppose it wasn't the house we were sorry to see go, but our life, our belongings, daily norms and our privacy. We've both lived away from home for four years now and that's a pretty long time to get used to living your own way. Moving back home with parents is almost like stepping back in time. Of course, I never actually lived in Grant's parents home, so I suppose it's almost like going on an extended holiday or something. Except without the holiday aspect. Not really making sense am I?1

Of course, I am incredibly grateful for them taking us in, as not only have they taken in both the two of us in, but also our two dogs AND our entire house of belongings. That's right, their house is now two homes in one! Crazy. But this does mean a massive saving for us - there's no storage costs, no rent or bills, and we're incredibly lucky for that. Of course, this is only a temporary arrangement and the smaller amount of time there, the better. But I guess we won't know how long that'll be for now.

So anyway - back to completion day! We started moving stuff out from the house as soon as we had exchanged contracts. I hadn't realised you needed to be 25 to rent a van, so we ended up moving everything in my tiny car. We did about 10 trips in the end - not bad for a whole house! Of course, we couldn't move some of the larger items, such as the fridge/freezer, so we paid for some help with a 'man with a van' for that.

By the time completion day came, I only had to do a quick mop and hoover and we were away. It felt pretty weird purposely locking ourselves out of our home... but alas, it was no longer our home. Of course, I made sure to get some last minute snaps for our memories. So here they are, and here's a farewell to our first ever little home...

black and red floral wallpaper in bedroom

floorboards in medium oak varnish

homebase buttermilk paint colour

ronseal medium oak varnish

airing cupboard in bedroom

worlds smallest bathroom

weird bathrooms with stupid layouts

staircase in victorian terrace with small window

victorian terrace with open plan kitchen living

victorian terrace gravel yard

beech worktop with cream kitchen units

oak effect laminate floor

alley through victorian terrace

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